Need a grindy JRPG with a good story and 80+ hours of gameplay.

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  3. Need a grindy JRPG with a good story and 80+ hours of gameplay.

User Info: Amethyst85

2 years ago#21
As a whole Breath of Fire is a pretty mediocre series. The games aren't bad but they're nothing special either. 4 does some interesting things but you're not really missing out on anything if you give the series a pass.

(Except for Dragon Quarter which is absolutely fantastic. Unfortunately it get an incredible amount of hate, mostly for the same reasons I mentioned in my earlier post about Chrono Cross.)
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User Info: Portal_Gamer

2 years ago#22
For PS1 games, Grandia.

Best battle system in a JRPG.
Most recently a player of story-driven JRPGs AND an exception: HDN.
Valkyria Chronicles is currently the best JRPG on Steam.....I think. (excluding FFs)

User Info: Jmanghan

2 years ago#23
If you're open to Action-RPG's, Dissidia offers tons of content, and the game has 3 different story modes that are each long, 4 if you count Shade Impulse, and 5 if you count user-created stories/your own stories.

The problem is, the stories aren't too interesting, but the premise is pretty awesome and the gameplay is amazing once you try it.

People will lead you to believe its not beefy as an RPG, when it has some of the most customization I've seen in an Action-RPG, you can customize pretty much everything, barring physical features, like new weapons and stuff, the only exception to that being the alternate outfits.
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User Info: Jmanghan

2 years ago#24

Breath of Fire IV is one of the best RPG's ever made, III is pretty great too.

The new ones are awful though.
Dragon's Dogma Pawn: Xio (Class: Fighter)
PSN: Ghj547.

User Info: RadKickAss

2 years ago#25
Rainbow Moon?
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User Info: OosontheLoose

2 years ago#26
Lickmycrithit posted...
OosontheLoose posted...
Lickmycrithit posted...
OosontheLoose posted...
You open to PS1/PSP titles? Because the Vita isn't known for having JRPGs with good stories.

Age ain't no thing to me friend, I recently played Chrono Trigger and loved it.

Hell yeah! Have you played its sequel yet? It's good, just don't go into it expecting it to be as amazing as the original. What about Xenogears?

I've been too scared to play Chrono Cross. I constantly hear of how terrible it is.
Actually I don't think I've ever actually looked into Xenogears.

CC is good, I just feel like the Chrono IP was shoehorned into it. It would have been better accepted if it had been a new IP.

Check out Xenogears dude, it's amazing.
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User Info: Naughty_Lemon

2 years ago#27
I second on ar nosurge but be sure to read the story synopsis of ciel nosurge somwhere, because you can be confused about characters and their motivation for what they`re doing. Also beware, because this game has naked butts of underaged girls out in the open, so be sure you aren`t offended by that kind of thing. The diving system alone i think, would give what you crave for

User Info: xXkewls0358

2 years ago#28
I Am Setsuna coming july 19th too, no clue how long of a game it'll be though.
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User Info: jenrais

2 years ago#29
Lickmycrithit posted...
helldew posted...
just work through sky sky SC and CS those 3 games are gonna last you around 200 hours easily.

I probably should. But I feel like playing a handheld and my Trails of the sky games are on PC lol

Trails of the sky FC and SC on the vita store

User Info: jenrais

2 years ago#30
Lickmycrithit posted...
gadgaurd posted...
Ar Nosurge Plus.

Combat doesn't look to be my type.

Amethyst85 posted...
Chrono Cross isn't terrible. It's actually pretty good. However it's VERY different from Chrono Trigger and has very little to do with it story wise. It's really a sequel in name only. Taken on it's own Chrono Cross is a good game, but many people went into it expecting Chrono Trigger 2 and were disappointed when they didn't get it (see also, Dragon Quarter.)

Yeeeaah I should probably play it just to form my own opinion.

Chrono cross is my favorite game on the PS1

The only hate comes from how different it is compared to the first.
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