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User Info: Megaman Omega

Megaman Omega
4 years ago#481
hustlin_pimpste posted...
ITT: Megaman almost defines irony. It is so delicious it has to be fattening.

What? Fattening irony? Looks like you're so angry, you stopped making sense, lol!

hustlin_pimpste posted...
One thing amongst the many things you post that made me laugh there ... you call me paranoid yet just a few posts ago you actually quoted a post I made not even aimed at you but rather about the guy making all the alts. Again, irony.

LMAO! Cleary, you don't even know what "paranoid" means. And yet again, hustlin_pimpste displays his ignorance for everyone to see. And then you wonder why everyone is laughing at you, lol!

Why am i suposed to be paranoid? I don't have a flock of people laughing at me, unlike you. I may pluck apart any post that i want, and yours just happened to be some of the most pathetic, sad posts that GameFAQs has to offer, so it just makes sense that i take apart your miserable fanboy drivel.

Try again. ;)
LOL at all the whiners and trolls. They know Vita tv and new model will kill all competition. Festering wounds for the Nintendrones by the gallons. - karissa1

User Info: hustlin_pimpste

4 years ago#482
Wow, you're having some real issues, little buddy. Now you speak for everyone as well - everyone this, everyone that - I am starting to think I need to stop arguing with you as you are melting down so fast. Oh, nice evasion on the bit about you thinking my post was aimed at you.

PS Many people use the phrase "the irony is so delicious it must be fattening" but you not getting something really should not come as a surprise.
Make adorable new, demon friends ... grr snarl Don't worry .. it's Official!
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