Which Mem Stick did you get?

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User Info: Draconas_Lyrr

5 years ago#11
16GB, and it's been more than enough so far. I'd like a 32GB just for the extra cushion, but I don't do digital, so it's not important.
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User Info: Skull_pro

5 years ago#12
2ylyt posted...
4gb, I don't use digital download.

Even then, some game update are pretty bad for those. That 800 Mb update on Playstation All-stars was pretty brutal, even for my 32. I though Updates installed directly on the cart o.O
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User Info: shadowcat2164

5 years ago#13
I got a 32 gb stick its the best value over all and I dont like having to deal with constant space shortages so I got the biggest possible.

User Info: kreeders

5 years ago#14
well 3 8gb an 2 4gb i got the 4gb sticks for 5$ each on clearence target

User Info: WooTz_sama

5 years ago#15
32GB card for US account with PS+ (100% filled)

Second 32GB card for JP account (Phantasy Star Online 2 ftw)

8GB card for SG account
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User Info: ZeroXraven

5 years ago#16
I only have 1 and it's a 16 gig

User Info: kyncani

5 years ago#17
32 gb, completely filled and I buy only physical when I can.
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