a new Vita assasins creed possibly in the works

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User Info: BruceLee1974

5 years ago#11
I would rather have Splinter Cell Game or Far Cry.

User Info: kamikaze135

5 years ago#12
shadownet_46 posted...
kamikaze135 posted...
Probably a Vita game to coincide with the AC release later this year.

What AC release this year?

We'll probably find out at E3. We've been getting yearly AC releases.
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User Info: blohangel

5 years ago#13
Watch_Dogs spin-off or something Far Cry-related would make me pop.
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User Info: Nnamz

5 years ago#14
I wanna see them give it another go. They have more experience this time around and could probably fix the glitches and technical performance.
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User Info: aendras

5 years ago#15
Hopefully Sony allowes them to use higher memory capacity so the sound bitrate aren't as low as it was on Liberation.

Also I want an ending they atleast can presentate good.

But I believe in Ubisoft Sofia, Liberation was really good and enjoyable beside it minor flaws (which was plenty of glitches).
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