Favorite Mario Kart Clone

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User Info: Skull_pro

5 years ago#21
Natureboy99 posted...
Modnation. So underrated

Not my favourite, but i do agree its underratedness.

Also, no love for LBP Karting? Its basicly a superior version of Modnation.
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User Info: bluedmon

5 years ago#22

Not only is it the best "Mario Kart Clone" but I know it is also one of the best "arcade style racing" games in quite a few years.

Edit: Only downside is that it didnt get enough notice and was released a week or two after Split-Second so not many people bought it and online suffered. Still a fantastic game.
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User Info: ljobenza

5 years ago#23
The Sonic & All-Stars games pretty much play like Blur. They're made by Sumo.

User Info: Movie64

5 years ago#24
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