Sony provokes Nintendo over their 2/20 announcement.

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User Info: Caliaztec

5 years ago#61
BrokenBandit84 posted...
Well on 2/21 Nintendo fans will be says "yay! another god of war game" OR "yay! another uncharted game" OR "yay! another super smash bros rip off game!"

Really? That is Sony's problem? I do believe someone already said what the WiiU is waiting for...

gfshynobl posted...

wii-u already has smash 4 and probably another mk coming
time that drops, wii-u still start selling.

Haha sounds like a whole lot of the same too, insert random Mario sport title, I hear next your you'll have Mario's Neighborhood Potluck, and Mario and Bowser at the Father Son games that one will be a real treat because Miyamoto said they can work on an actual storyline before flipping a tea table! :p

All companies have sequels they fall back on, but Sony has more then 3 new IPs coming out. 2 this year this Beyond, and Last of Us, and WiiU will be in big trouble is Last Guardian is a PS4 title. WiiU can enjoy its Launch Window games like I must be still enjoying Launch Window Vita games....SMH and people say Sony fans let a lot slide.

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User Info: FlipManV3

5 years ago#62
Rotuhiiri posted...
13% of my Wii games have Mario in the title and he makes an appearance in more and I find this hilarious. It's a joke and not anything else.

As someone growing up with a Genesis I love the console wars. Nintendon't can take it.

I grew up when Sega was still trashing Nintendo and I think console wars are stupid and only incites fanboys.
Also, Sony does this too often and is generally very stupid about it and makes them look terribly unprofessional. Ninty and MS just goes on to do their thing with little bashing. Anyway, I'm not sure of the image is legitimate to begin with.
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User Info: FlipManV3

5 years ago#63
sanas_thiritu posted...
lol you gotta love sony's sense of humor. Hard not to take a jibe when the big N has been busy milking Mario for ever.

There's a clear difference between milking and releasing a long-running franchise regularly.
If anything, Sony has milked God of War over the last few years with the appearance in Hot Shots, Soul Calibur, Mortal Kombat, PSP HD releases, and TWO different collections.
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User Info: Laventor

5 years ago#64
ServantOfErieos posted...

Also: Mario has to retire at some point. They need someone else to pick up the slack.

To be honest, the day Mario retires is the day Nintendo retires from (console) hardware. Pokémon would no doubt still keep up their handheld market as a 1st party title, still justifying manufacturing handhelds would they hypothetically drop Mario. If they would completely retire Mario most of Nintendo's first party exclusives on a home console go right out of the window though.Too much relies on Mario for them to drop him entirely, ever.

On topic: If it's real, it's not really classy (funny, but not classy), nor is it needed (no matter how justified it'd be if it's yet another Mario game). Focus on promoting your own product rather than badmouthing the competition. The moment Sony would have a mascot that sells as well as Mario they would do no different from Nintendo to milk it left and right, and neither would Microsoft, because they're all in the business to make money.

User Info: darkphiresage

5 years ago#65
lotta people in here flapping gums without knowing whether or not that's real. i avoid social networking like the plague, but even i've seen enough links/screenshots to twitter posts to know that that looks fishy.
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User Info: TheExiled280

5 years ago#66
TC, shouldn't you close this since it's probably fake?
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User Info: XphoenixedgeX

5 years ago#67
TheExiled280 posted...
TC, shouldn't you close this since it's probably fake?

Not to mention, off-topic.
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