Crystal White Vita Bought in Tokyo Yesterday

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User Info: FIR_FIR

5 years ago#1
I bought a Crystal White Wi-Fi PSVita in Tokyo Kinokuyiya's mall yesterday. I got the 32G memory card too.

I have P4G Solid Gold, Creed, Zero Escape and Need 4 Speed on pre-order.

You guys still remember the feeling of that Vita box inside your bag when you're bringing it home?

You guys still remember that moment you hold the plastic opaque wrap while inserting one of your hands to delicately bring the virgin Vita out?

Basically, I cleaned the outer Vita box with some rubbing alcohol and then wiped it clean with a microfiber cloth.

I took a sniff at the Vita - I guess it smelled really good? Like a very unique new electronics smell.

And I was absolutely amazed at how beautiful the Crystal White Vita looked. It looked gorgeous. The color and build and reflection reeks of quality.

I really like my Vita and I felt the money I spent is well spent and I am going to be really happy during Christmas and New Years!

I guess the first time is always so memorable isn't it? So glad my first time with the Vita was so amazing!

User Info: WhiteSword7

5 years ago#2
I know that feel man...

I feel like Kratos thats opening the pandora box or Nathan Drake thats opening the gate to Shambala :)

Basically, It feels really awesome!
PSN: Derrysan360-US, Xbox Live: Derrysan360

User Info: Chicken453

5 years ago#3
How much for, in Yen?
Just a chicken

User Info: WooTz_sama

5 years ago#4
Try downloading the YouTube and NicoNico app and watch some colorful video on dat screen.
SG PSN: WooTzZ_sama | US PSN: FUS-RO-DAAH | JP PSN: WooTzZ-vita | MY PSN: WooTzZ-san

User Info: FIR_FIR

5 years ago#5
Approximately 30,000 yen for the system and the 32G card. I got a discount because my GF there had a VIP membership card.

It was a fairly good deal but I guess the entire package was still more expensive than buying the same things in the US.

User Info: Lazy Jones

Lazy Jones
5 years ago#6
Well, where is the picture of your new baby?
This is gonna sound weird, but for a second, I think you took on the shape of a unicorn

User Info: SerOnionKnight

5 years ago#7
I have thought about selling my existing Vita and getting the Assassins Creed Bundle. The white Vita that ships in that bundle looks great. If I can find a retailer giving a $50 gift card or something I may just do that since I want to buy the game anyways.
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