LBP2 - CrossController?

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User Info: ImTweakinOut420

5 years ago#1
Hello, does anybody know if you can use Vita as a crosscontroller yet? I cant seem to get Vita to work with anything using the crosscontroller option under the remote play bubble.

If anyone has updates let me know. I know Sony mentioned LBP2 was going to have some DLC to use crosscontroller. So maybe I should be waiting for the next LBP2 update or new batch of DLC. Sounds fun though so I wanna try it NOW! Let me know thanks.

User Info: Superlaserman

5 years ago#2
Not yet good sir. You have to download dlc for lbp2 to enable it. They told is it would be out in september, I forget if we god a specific date though. I would guess it'll be near lbp vita release.
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