Replace with Vita or 3000?

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User Info: FayeLady

5 years ago#11
I wouldn't buy a new PSP, but a used one will probably last you a good while for half the price.
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User Info: Dorami

5 years ago#12
That was supposed to be Disgaea 3, not Disgaea 4.

P4G comes out in November, not too far away, though I wonder if Sony will cave and drop the Vita price before then despite its statement to the contrary.
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User Info: Superlaserman

5 years ago#13
Probably not. Bundles are serving that purpose. Work just as well anyhow.
Anywho I'd say get a vita. You may not end up replaying your umd games, and I'm all for securing ability to play new games over replaying old ones. Pick a good bundle, Assassins creed looks like the best we can preorder atm, and you should have a good bit of time to save up. Btw, thats wifi vita, 4gig mem, and game for 250. Much cheaper then standard cost.
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User Info: DaMan1900

5 years ago#14
GS has the madden bundle plus Hot Shots Golf and a 4GB memory card for $250 this week. if you really want to try out the vita now is a good time
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User Info: GardianBou

5 years ago#15
Buy both.

$130 for the PSP ($80 for a used one)

$250 for Vita. Use the PSP to play all you're PSP games.

No need to wastefully spend money rebuying games you already have.
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