Archos ripped off PS Vita!

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User Info: Caliaztec

5 years ago#31
Funny thing with this as well. And many people do not seem to realize. Is that most of these new controller peripherals, and android tablets built into a handheld with buttons. Is useless the developers of the apps being made for android program options to use the buttons you're stuck playing the same android games with the touch screen of the device with buttons that rarely get used because devs won't take the time to add the options for no gain. There are quite a few gamepads on the market but the app support for them in menial.
"Yah, I was right again like I always did, but that's not the point." -XFactor on Sony "Removing" memory card from bundle.
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User Info: Superman80

5 years ago#32
Hah, the only way this junk will be a threat is if they start getting third party developers developing for them, otherwise, all they'll be offering are cheap tablet games.

User Info: TheJazzMan456

5 years ago#33
Hard times for sony, tablet's just took over!
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  3. Archos ripped off PS Vita!

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