Need a semi-objective, outside point of view

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User Info: Natureboy99

6 years ago#21
The case is great, but there are a few very similar ones:

User Info: Lefty128k

6 years ago#22

From: CyberEvil | #001
First, this is a legitimate request for opinions, so any are welcome. Second, try not to argue amongst each other or with me. This is a pretty simple situation with pretty simple answers. Thanks.

So my entirely first-world dilemma is this: I really want the Vita. I have it preordered for the 22nd. I can afford to buy the FEB, though, and the extra week is going to absolutely torturous to fully wait out. The question is whether I should change to the FEB.

The facts:

Money is not a big deal in this situation.
Two of the games I want most do not come out until the 22nd and 23rd (Shinobido 2 and Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus, respectively).
I do not want Little Deviants.
I DO want that awesome case in the FEB.
I have little to no use for 3G and likely will NEVER activate it, even with the one month free.
The 4GB card is nice in an "Oh you're so cute!" kind of way, but utterly worthless in the long run.
I am fairly excited about wipEout 2048, which is already available.

There are a few more things I could add but they'd likely be obvious. So there it all is. I want only the case and the Vita itself, so the value of the bundle is diminished somewhat. Having the Vita earlier is worth the added cost to me right now, but I'm not so sure it would be a week thereafter. What would you guys do in my situation? I have the rest of the day and likely tomorrow to make up my mind. Thanks again in advance.

Just wait it out. You can vicariously experience the Vita through peoples hands-on reviews for that week.

The FEB case isn't that great. The aftermarket already has good cases, and more will come from other aftermarket sources.

You might not use the 3G, but there is also the GPS built into the 3G model. The wifi can still do some of the same things, but less accurately due to lack of GPS. At least this is my understanding.

If you want more than a 4gb card then the money you spent on the FEB could have gone to a memory card. If you buy the 3G Launch bundle, the free 8gb card is pretty good starting card. Buy a larger one later if you even need it. Remember you can store stuff onto your PC and PS3.

I am personally going to get the 3G Launch bundle for $300. The way I see it, wifi model is $250, and an 8gb card is $30. That's $280, and for only $20 more I can have 3G if I ever want it in the future, and the GPS is there too. Plus I will be taking advantage of the free month and game. The way I see it, I'll be paying for at least one PSN game. Might as well just pay for a month of service instead, get a free month, and a free game.

User Info: OmegaAK47

6 years ago#23

I would get the early addition of the Vita, and then trade in the extra stuff. 

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