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User Info: shadowfirebfg

3 years ago#1
i am trying to get a good rank but am hindered by the combination of 100% chance of either petrify or death that noa has. my elephant is level 17 at this point because i found it completely useless for anything other than acting as a mule to transport other units. here lies the issue the earth dragon completely ignores everything else and goes straight for noa it doesnt help that it starts on earth+ every single time i try the mission the most damage i can do before both noa and the quadriga are wiped is 1000 since i try not to cluster for strong aoe hits and i want to lure him off the seals

User Info: pchan105

3 years ago#2
Check out this video with Stage 35 completed perfectly:

Level 17 Noa is kindda low at this point. Noa is great for being a tank with it's high defence.
Why not have Tarte ride Noa to see if Noa can last a little longer?
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