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User Info: natureboy

4 years ago#1
Hi Tot2 community,

I just bought this game and played for until stage 2.

Here's my questions.

1) I heard there is a rumor that the lower the rank you get from doing battles the better the spoils of war will be? seems like the game is helping the poor players more than people who perform better?

2) is there any guide for this game, walk through and item guide( there are too little guides in this GameFAQs, not detailed)... I don't want to miss any rare item that can be only be obtained in one particular stage if any.

3) is there any rewards or any benefits for doing rank s for every battle? Does rank S award you with some good stuffs? is it worth it?


User Info: FelurFalas

4 years ago#2
1. If this is true, it is really not worth it.

2. There was this database: http://datacrunch.ca/ttt2
But it has been down for a while now. You will have to rely on the JP wiki site or what is available here.

3. Not really worth it. Just trophies and better score.
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User Info: yakman623

4 years ago#3
1) I have not heard this and pretty sure it's not correct, I think the only thing that affects the end spoils is what rank you get in the battle

To that point the lower level characters you have the better because your rank can drop if any of your characters are higher level than the highest level enemy, more about that later...

2) the trophy guide is your best option


you don't really need to worry about rare items as most come from doing bonus conditions or killing enemies that are not required but hard to kill and getting hard to reach chests. so basically try to kill every enemy on the map and grab all chests :)

3) The better rank gives you the better spoils. also if you are aiming for platinum you will have to S rank most of the maps to get an avearge of an S rank at the end

to go along with the first question someone posted the way S rank was calculated before but i cant find it.

But basically you have to score 100 points or more in battle for S rank. You start out at 100 points

if you have over leveled characters -10 points
if you take to long to finish map -10 points
if you use too many items -10 points
if an ally dies -30 points

you get bonus points for doing the bonus objectives, might be 10 points each or a little less depending on if its multiple bonus objectives

so basically to get S rank you have to finish maps as fast as possible using the least amount of items or no items at all without OP characters and dont let anyone die.

you can miss 1 thing but if you get the bonus objectives you can still get a S, but if an ally dies you cannot get an S rank no matter what

On a side note I highly recommend getting Arawn as a DLC character. He is best unit and you can overlevel him easily to help out on maps that require more firepower. since he is DLC you are not forced to use him on some maps because you can't really grind levels in this game if you are trying for S ranks. For maps with stupid tough enemies (there are a few) I would recommend using an overleveled Arawn (-10 points) and get all the bonus objectives to still get S rank

User Info: natureboy

4 years ago#4
Thanks for replying my post.

For the first stage I got B rank, completed bonus with Dion killing 2 enemies(i killed 3 instead)
I got a additional item "Bone Bow"

when I watch this video, this guy got a S rank(he did get dion to kill 2 enemies(bonus)) and he didnt got a Bone Bow


How can he get a poorer spoils of war when he got a better rank?

This is the post saying lower rank games will get you better items.


see "shioxus" post

User Info: natureboy

4 years ago#5


for stage 2: I did a test for rank S and A

S rank did get the above mentioned items stated in the website

A rank did get the same for S rank , however with a "flourite Ring" as an additional item.

It seems like the game rewards poor players.
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