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  3. Need some monster recommendations, please?

User Info: rpglady76

4 months ago#1
I'm about to do the final dungeon/final boss, and I need some monster recommendations. Right now I have Albino Lobo, Pulse Champion, and the behemoth from the place with the spotlights (sorry, forgot the name and don't have access to the game right now). I do have some of the recommended end-game monsters, like Chichu and the various chocobos, but I can't get all the materials and monsters I need to infuse and max them out. So can anyone recommend some decent monsters to get me through the final dungeon and boss battle(s)? Just until I can get to the endgame stuff? Thanks in advance.

User Info: KarmaDingo

4 months ago#2
Cloudburst - Archylte Steppe ???AF - Cloudy, South-east

That one's one of the best ravager you can find for its feral link, so you don't even really need to build it that much.
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User Info: blackhrt

4 weeks ago#3
I'd have to load a few saves to get specifics, but I used the chocobos. Most of the items for infusing I kept until I got a larger roster. but its a few months TC has probably made their way to the end of the game.

(That Tonberry was a pain to get, but I guess thats expected given what he did back in Final Fantasy VII)
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  3. Need some monster recommendations, please?
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