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User Info: Alyassus

8 years ago#1
Last weekend I got the Ultimania Omega for XIII-2. It contains Interview and reveals a lot of information about the game. I want to share anything interesting I find with the greater community. But I won't be able to translate all of it. I realized even just summarising one bit will take much time and place.

Thus I will give you a detailed table of contents with commentary, so that you the community can tell me, which point you want to hear about (first). I will try to accommodate any wishes, I just need to know what parts are the most interesting for the community. Sorry for the ultra-long posts that are to follow. Oh, and of course this thread will contain spoilers.

After the table of contents you will find my summary of the interview with Toriyama and Watanabe. Please give me feedback if that is too thorough or to close to the Japanese original. Thank you and I hope you find something useful in the next few posts :-)

1. Scenario view (the complete game as a picture story, also all live triggers detailed. This section end with in-depth story element analysis and unsolved mysteries)

1. 2. in-depth story analysis (headlines):
What happened at the end of FF13?
Lightning's rebirth
The weakening of the goddess etro
The power of chaos
Valhalla, the world fallen into chaos
The original human Yeul
The power to see the time-line with etro's eyes
The man named Caius Ballad
Caius' plan (700AF)
Paradox endings and the real ending

1. 3. unsolved mysteries
Black Haze Yeul
The things shown in the last time vision
Where do your friends have their power from (Sazh, Snow)?
Is Caius really dead?
The Lightning that turned into crystal
"Bhunivelze" Flying Ship

1. 4. The story of the gods

2. The Art of FFXIII-2

3. Omega on the side

Voice actor interviews
10 Interviews, one with each development department

1. Scenario-section Interview (Toriyama, Watanabe)
2. Level Design
3. Art
4. Environment
5. Character
6. Movie (FMV)
7. Cut-Scenes
8. Music
9. Sound Effects
10. Producer & Director (mainly about DLC and the game's development in general)

4. DLC Ultimania (standard guide-stuff for the DLC)

1. Weapons and Costumes
2. Sazh Story DLC (how to play Poker etc.)
3. Snow Story DLC
4. Lightning Story DLC (breakdown of all her abilities, how the score is calculated, how to get her crystal and how to get the secret event
5. Info on all the monsters you can tame (what abilities they get at which level etc.
6. How to beat the Coliseum Monsters

User Info: Alyassus

8 years ago#2
Scenario Interview with Toriyama and Watanabe

Toriyama at first didn't want a direct sequel to 13, so he started with the idea of having 13-2 take place some 900 years after 13. But when they created all the back-story of what happened in the 900 years between those two games, they came to the conclusion to make it a time-travel game. The theme of the game is to push forward and keep hope alive, even if the future is uncertain and dangerous.

The fight between Lightning and Caius in Valhalla is supposed to be an endless loop, of which both are not aware of. Only when Lightning becomes a crystal does this cycle end. Valhalla is a place between the Unseen World and the real world, where the flow of time has stopped and where people pass by on their way to the beyond. The buildings you can see there don't house people, so they do not need to have staircases or toilets (actual quote from Watanabe-san). At first it was supposed to be the place in 999AF that is also mentioned in FF-Type 0. That should have tied both games together but this idea was scrapped later.

The Caius from 700AF went to Valhalla to end the world with the Power of Chaos. From there he can send messages to all the earlier Caius'es. That's why for example Caius in 200AF seems to know Noel, although they shouldn't have met yet. Caius is basically not able to travel in time, but the Caius you fight in 500AF can conceivably be 700AF's Caius that travelled back in time from Valhalla. (I'm quoting now directly to be sure to get it right:) "Academia from that era (700AF I guess), before receiving the effects of Chaos, became a strange place and Caius could come back from Valhalla. (End of quote).

Then the people from the guide ask Watanabe if Caius doesn't involuntarily shorten Yeul lifespan by changing the future and making her see those changes. Caius is aware of that and set his plan into motion to destroy the world in a way as to minimise the adverse effects his time-changing has on Yeul. When Serah an Noel solve the Paradoxes, which they encounter, the possibilities of the future broaden. At the same time though, Caius goes ahead to put down possibilities. The reason for that is that Yeul's life span shortens the more the number of possible futures grow. That's why Caius tries to reduce the number of possible futures to the point where there is only the one inevitable future, where the world is destroyed. He silently allows Serah and Noel to solve the Paradoxes as the world is still heading for its destruction.

His motivation to end the world comes from the fact that he has seen Yeul die many times and knows that the world is going to end in 700AF anyway. So he just wants to shorten her suffering by ending the world sooner. Yeul's constant rebirths have nothing to do with her lifespan getting shorter. Caius probably really died at the hands of Noel, but only in his physical form. He may live on through Chaos. There is no love story between Serah and Noel as it seemed inappropriate, both having their own loved ones.

Serendipity is supposed to be reminiscent of the Golden Saucer in FF7. Alyssa was at first supposed to be a tough type of woman that would make fun of men. Her relationship with Hope should have changed both. But a character like that would have been to much like Nabaat. They had a few fun ideas for her but then decided to change her character. Although this game hasn't brought the "happy ending" for Lightning that Toriyama promised before (in the Ultimania Omega for 13), he hopes to tell more stories from the Fabula Nova Crystallis.

There are no toilets in Valhalla ;-)

User Info: wwwgippal2

8 years ago#3
Wow, most of my gripes have been erased from these explainations.

sry fur me bad enlish,im form usa

User Info: Elice_Carol

8 years ago#4
"There is no love story between Serah and Noel as it seemed inappropriate, both having their own loved ones. "

Told ya, shippers.

And yes, more, this is an amazing analysis and my tier list is incomplete without you.
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User Info: FireMage7777

8 years ago#5
The entire unsolved mysteries section...
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User Info: wwwgippal2

8 years ago#6
This board is infested with idiots. Here we have an extremely vital matter to discuss about this game and yet all of the attention goes to poll topics and lame-ass high school sexual jokes.
sry fur me bad enlish,im form usa

User Info: shinigami_matt

8 years ago#7
Wait, some of this sounds like good ideas. Why the hell did they scrap it? >_>
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User Info: dresdenfall

8 years ago#8

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User Info: Elice_Carol

8 years ago#9
You're right. *tracks thread*
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User Info: ayaloren

8 years ago#10
The toilet quote was hilarious.

Feel like doing madapocket a service by asking if there's any info about Hope.
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