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  3. I demand for SQEX to tell us what Hiroyuki Ito has been doing the past 4 years

User Info: Galvanization

7 years ago#1
I need to know.
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User Info: Tiael

7 years ago#2
Chrono Break!

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User Info: madapocket

7 years ago#3
I dunno, stuff?
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User Info: Devilman_Amon

7 years ago#4
Toriyama: "get me my coffee"

User Info: Moranite

7 years ago#5
Devilman_Amon posted...
Toriyama: "get me my coffee"

I could not come up with a better answer to this topic than this...

User Info: mrklarryd

7 years ago#6
Well, they've started, scrapped, finished, abandoned and redone crystal tools about 7 or 8 times in the last few years. I assume somebody would be assigned to manage the associated projects, so maybe he's doing that.

On a side note, an information demand of Squex Tokyo on a site they don't read in a language they don't understand is pretty quixotic.

User Info: ragnarokius

7 years ago#7
He's gone, he ascended. Presumably for his work on Chrono Trigger.

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User Info: Ren_eko

7 years ago#8

From: ragnarokius | #007
He's gone, he ascended

You mean he learned how to use his ears to fly like Dumbo? Dude has massive flappers.
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User Info: xTozusx

7 years ago#9
He played Duodecim's beta once, said "Nice game." and got a Special Thanks credit for it.

User Info: Devilman_Amon

7 years ago#10
I like these two parts:

Ito initially wanted the ATB system used in Final Fantasy IX to be the fastest version of it used in the series.

He managed to get a demo of it running that allowed characters to perform commands at the same time rather than wait for the previous one to finish their turn.

Also, the ATB gauge only took 1 second to fill on the fastest speed setting. However, getting this running on the PlayStation hardware made the frame rate significantly low.

When he showed the battle system to Sakaguchi, he liked the concept but felt it was straining the processor of the PlayStation too much.

During the first year of development for FF XII in 2001, a rough story was written by Matsuno with Basch Rosenburg as the main character. However, during this time the game was being planned as a dungeon crawler similar to Vagrant Story and the character models were planned to be in a deformed shape.

After Matsuno and Ito had seen and played Final Fantasy XI, they came up with an idea of the game instead having the player explore a vast, fully realised world which had a detailed history, mythology, sociology and ecosystem.

They presented their ideas to Sakaguchi and he was surprised by the scale of their ambition. He warned them that it would be very difficult to surpass the world scale of Final Fantasy XI in a single player game, especially seeing as they had no access to a hard drive for possible expansions.

Matsuno and Ito were up for the challenge and stated that they wanted to make the game have the same scale as Final Fantasy XI even with all its expansions included.

Sakaguchi green lighted their idea and jokingly said that if they pull it off, it will be impossible for any future single player Final Fantasy game to surpass Final Fantasy XII.
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  3. I demand for SQEX to tell us what Hiroyuki Ito has been doing the past 4 years
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