Wait so they take out Sazh and Snow!?

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  3. Wait so they take out Sazh and Snow!?

User Info: XCrossYZ

6 years ago#1
And replace them with this Sora looking mother*****!? God I hope I'm wrong. Snow and Sazh were the only characters to keep me going in that game. Shoot there were points when I was hoping Snow changed his mind and just screwed lightning already. I guess too soon for me to assume? Cuz why the hell show Serah before anyone else!? Hell even wanted to see Hope before her. BTW just my opinion but seriously dude looks like hes holding a keyblade
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User Info: TDream360

6 years ago#2

Snow and Sazh sucked.

User Info: XCrossYZ

6 years ago#3
Damn it its your opinion so can't really argue with that, oh wait they were both manly. Something SE tends to lack in their games.
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User Info: wheresatari

6 years ago#4
i figured sazh would be absent b/c hes old. i did like him even though i didnt use him. i

figured dahj would take his place, but idk if enough time has passed for that. he made

me laugh though. snow is a different story. i thought hed be back. i guess they thought it

would be way too lovey dovey with him and serah together in the party. also, many, many

people hated him. maybe thats why. all this "im a hero this, and im a hero that" really

annoyed people. they also went as far as to call him a more annoying zell, with long

hair, lol. im happy with serah joining though. i new shed be playable. i hope she takes

on vanilles role, b/c i used vanille constantly. even though she was a bit annoying, she

was my favorite character in 13, along with light.
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User Info: XCrossYZ

6 years ago#5
Well he reminds me a whole lot to Disney's portrayal of Hercules, which i really enjoyed as a kid. Still do as he is one of my all time fave Disney characters.
Dont squeeze lemons, squeeze boobs and DAT ASS if need be

User Info: illmatic009

6 years ago#6
Snow was the second best character in FFXIII right behind Lightning. He was so full of himself it was funny. I hope he returns.
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User Info: Link484

6 years ago#7
I like Snow. I'll go farther, I think he's the second best male FF character ever. This "im a hero this, and im a hero that" talk is awesome, and reminds me of myself :)
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User Info: JDTheBlack

6 years ago#8
I hope that isn't true. Sazh was cool as hell and what's more he didn't embarrass me by conforming to the cliche' black stereotype...Well, he did have a fro and pistols, but whatever, everything else about him seemed to be a breath of fresh air.

I just pegged Snow as a muscle-head that never learns.
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User Info: Zack7xLight13

6 years ago#9
People may complain about Snow being the dude that was always saying stuff like " I'm the hero" and stuff like that but who cares personally I think you need an over confident guy that is 99% of the time positive. In the beginning Lightning and Hope were just angry jerks and all depressed, without Snows constant positive attitude I would have thrown my controller through the TV. Snow needs to be in this one. And I am going to go ahead and say that there will be nothing between Noel and Serah.... After what Snow did to get her back fans would turn against Serah and call her the biggest Bi*** of all time. And I almost garuntee Snow is not dead so I bet he comes in later in the Story. I have played RPG's with couples in the same party and it worked out great. And Sazh was awesome the afro is not replaceable. So bottom line, Snow and Serah are still together. And there is a good chance Snow will be in the game. They have only showed us the beginning and gone over battle system and everything people didn't like about FFXIII they haven't touched on characters yet besides the obvious three. So we will see.

User Info: enewburn

6 years ago#10

You know, as much as Snow reminds me of that alpha male sports jock who would beat me up for my lunch money and then pretend to befriend me afterwards...he certainly had his moments.

"THE HERO ALWAYS WINS!!!" (right before smashing an Adamantoise with Sovereign Fist)

Very inspiring for some reason.

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  3. Wait so they take out Sazh and Snow!?

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