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User Info: ANuBiStAnGoMeGa

5 years ago#1
Of course I've known about Torchlight for a while, but by various circumstances I just started playing a couple months ago. The kind of game I can get really sucked into, and this is a good one for sure. Figured out a lot about it on my own, including most of the more obvious exploits, before looking for answers online. But there's a few tricks I didn't see mentioned recently, and thought I may as well collect my thoughts here, even if I'm sure I can't be the first to find them. So yeah:

- I read someone else mention keeping the mine foreman's quest gems and then abandoning the quest, but the game actually lets me simply stash them in shared and still get the reward, without losing the gem. Is this normal? If not I have an idea how it might have happened, but I was assuming it was an intentional little gift they wanted the player to discover. Somewhere past the Estherian Ruins or so - it might be fame related, I'm trying to test that out - it's possible to get at least flawless gems if you're patient, otherwise chaos gems are always good. Got 5 'gold' Very Deadly ones so far. Anyway I'm interested to hear from someone else about this exploit.

On the subject of chaos gems, another easy way to farm them is just to create new characters in Very Hard and do the first quest. Simply exit and reload until you see the one you want before accepting / turning it in. Though I've picked up several good ones just from playing normally, mostly in VHard.

- You can transfer some quest rewards between characters - most reliably with the Bard-bot and Valeria - if you fresh load (from dashboard) the character with the active reward you want, then exit and directly load another character with the same active quest. I've used this mainly to collect a lot of rare trinkets to transmute for sets (the elusive Midas Ring, grrrrr). I think you might have to 'look' at the reward once before exiting, but there's some odd variables anyway. Obvious example is Bard-bot's first "Third Floor" quest doesn't count the same as the rest of his "floor X" ones.

- You can take Brink into the Shadow Vault or a map scroll dungeon, and even boost / buff him like any other minion. It's almost like having a second invincible pet who never flees!

- You can have 21 Nether Imps. Each skill level that increases the number seems to count like a spell upgrade, as a different version of the same skill. So basically:

+1 @ lvl 1
+2 @ lvl 2/3
+3 @ lvl 4/5
+4 @ lvl 6/7
+5 @ lvl 8/9
+6 @ lvl 10

The easiest way to see, if you have no points invested and 10 to spare (respec) is go into a low area where they can't really be killed and upgrade the skill every time you summon the new max.

- I found a powerful (even kind of cheap) way to play the destroyer, while messing around with dual wield. With a melee weapon in the right hand, Spectral Echoes' damage is still based on that damage when triggered by attacking with a fast ranged weapon (wand) in the left had. Which makes it extremely easy to get both high damage and a super fast consistent attack rate. Plus you still get cheap effect hits from the projectile without being in melee range, and can use any other attack skill you want. With some merely decent gear @ lvl 20 I was dropping the Colossus boss in about five seconds just by holding X, on Very Hard. Massive hoards are even more fun.

Anyway, love the game, my main disappointment is how ultimately broken the damage / armor system is. I'm trying out a 100% Defense Destroyer partly to test out my understanding after seeing too many cheap annoying deaths, and it's about as ugly as I thought. Which leaves me sort of a chicken or the egg question... did they make the game so cheap because the gear is so overpowered, or did they make the gear so overpowered because they knew the game was so cheap? lol

Is what it is, and I'm still obsessed so, whatever.

/ talking to myself (?)
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