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User Info: Drizzt_r

6 years ago#1
In tiger woods 11 me and my friends used to play ryders cup together but in this on I can't seem to play more than one player in the presidents cup, anyone know how to play more than one human player? why would they remove the only good feature with this game?:S

User Info: B1G80Y

6 years ago#2
Drizzt_r, I feel the same way bro. I spent an hour and a half on tech support chat with EA this morning and low and behold that functionality is not there at this time. I couldnt wait for this game to come out, I had friends in differnt states buy this game and let me tell you last night was pretty disappointing when me and two of my friends got online to play. For what it's worth to your and whom ever else here's what I got today 4/2/11 from EA tech support at the end there's a $20 promo code for the EAstore feel free to use it I'm not. Sorry for the format, every time I paste the conversation in all the lines are consolidated.. Shane & Jamal C are the EA techs & I'm the long number... Shane: Hi, my name is Shane. How may I help you? 2308588158: wanting to be able to play more than just one friend online with tiger 2012 Shane: ok 2308588158: my "invite to game room" stays greyed out after creating a game preventing me from adding a third person to a round of golf. Make sense? Shane: May I know on which platform you are playing this game ? 2308588158: Sorry, Wii Shane: ok Shane: Let me check 2308588158: thanks Shane: To help you get an effective solution, what I'm going to do for you is, escalate this issue to Level 2. Level 2 is well-equipped with the resources needed to handle your issue. It might take a while before you get connected; we appreciate your patience and cooperation. Shane has disconnected. Jamal C: Hi, my name is Jamal C. How may I help you? 2308588158: need to know how to play with more than one friend in online play on tiger woods 212 2308588158: sorry tiger woods 2012 for wii Jamal C: Are you able to host you own match 2308588158: When creating the game under play with friends online there is nowhere for you to select the number of players like TW2010. Yeah I can create a game but I am only able to have one friend play at a time where as on TW2010 you could have up to 4 friends play at the same time 2308588158: if that's what you mean by hosting my own match Jamal C: when you go online what options does it give you 2308588158: I would have to go to another room to tell you exactly but I go to head to head then play with friends. Should i go turn it on and describe exactly what I see? Jamal C: if you can please do 2308588158: In TW 2010 this was a simple straight forward thing, one second let me go to the next room brb Jamal C: ok 2308588158: coming up now please dont go anywhere Jamal C: ok Jamal C has disconnected. Jamal C: Hi, my name is Jamal C. How may I help you? 2308588158: um i'm the same guy you just disconnected from do i really need to RE explain my problem? 2308588158: im sorry but i have been sitting here for over an hour just to figure out simply how to have 3 or 4 friends play online at the same time on tiger woods 2012 Jamal C: No I do apologize for that my computer drop the chat i'm looking into it now for you 2308588158: thank you Jamal Jamal C: No probem 2308588158: Live Tournaments / Head to Head / More.... are the options on the screen in online play Jamal C: when you create a room do you have to invite your friend or can he just join in 2308588158: You are asking me ? You are support for this software. I go to head to head play then play with friends, my two friends and their user names are shown I choose one then create a game by picking the course i want to play I click done it then sends a game invite to my friend at that time i can hit the 2 button on my wii remote which pulls up my list of friends I then choose my other friend and at that point i can normally (on tiger 2010) can choose to invite the other person to the game room however on TW2012 that option is greyed out, why? Jamal C: It appears at this time you can only add 1 person 2308588158: what does "at this time" mean? Is that just the way it is or is there an update scheduled for release? If an update is scheduled when will it be? 2308588158: After talking 4 or 5 of my friends into spending $50 on a game and game stop telling them the functionality is there you mean to tell me that from 2010 to 2012 it was taken away? Jamal C: there was talk of expanding it to invite more friend like the other tiger woods games but nothing has been confirmed yet 2308588158: This is really bad news that I will be letting everyone know about. Had I known this I would not have purchased the game nor would I have pushed your product on my friends. Now if we take it back to game stop we loose money. Jamal C: I do apologize about that here is a promo code for it gives you $20 off any purchase you make. I wish there was more I could do for you. dxobh6tv3 2308588158: I am sure there are others like me dissapointed and out of $50, guess I'm off to the web to post on every forum i am able to about this issue. Very disappointed..... have a great day Jamal C: thanks you have a great day as well

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