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User Info: Blackdrazon

1 year ago#1
This is meant as a quick guide to all of the content that you can "miss" in Book of Shadows, even when collecting all of the True and Wrong Ends. If you have not already cleared the game by collecting all True and Wrong Ends, please do so first, as most of the CGs are unlocked in the process.

Most of this information was gathered from either the walkthrough or from posts on this very forum, I just thought it would be helpful to have it all in one place! If I missed any CGs or Songs, or if I marked any that are not actually missed in the process of unlocking all endings, please leave a comment if you spot this before the topic is locked.

Gallery of Souls
CGs are indicated by page number, then by their location on the page, numbered left to right, top to bottom (so #1 is top-left, #2 is top-middle, #3 is top-right, #4 bottom-left, etc).

Page 2, #3: Chapter 1 - Seal. Select "Apologize" during the game's first dialog branch.

Page 2, #4: Chapter 1 - Seal. Found in the Infirmary, on the desk.

Page 2, #5: Chapter 1 - Seal. This CG has two variants (marked by stars in the gallery), and you will have to collect both individually. Variant #1 can be found if you enter Classroom 1-C and examine the child's drawing when the Darkening meter is below 35%. Variant #2 can be found when the Darkening meter is at or above 35%.

Page 11, #2: Chapter 5 - Shangri-La. Very unfair. This CG can only be found by replaying the chapter after achieving the True End. After Morishige examines the body across the gap, you will take control of Mitsuke. As Mitsuke, go to the covered walkway, and then advance the plot until you return to Morishige on the staircase with the candle. Select "Don't Look Back" to proceed to the True End for a second time. This time, a new CG will appear.

Page 12, #4: Chapter 6 - Mire. Select "Stand firm" instead of "Give it."

Page 14, #3: Chapter 8 - Blood Drive. Examine the photos on the wall in the northeastern bedroom on the second floor.

Cursed Phonograph
To the best of my knowledge, only one song on the Cursed Phonograph can be missed in the process of collecting all endings:

Track 66, Jingle (A): Unlocked by getting the darkening meter to 100% in a chapter without darkening endings (i.e.: not Chapter 5 or 6. It is also not possible in Chapter 8, as the Darkening meter does not rise in Chapter 8). Just find a corpse you can centre in the middle of the view and click on it over and over again. You should gain 2% a click.

Soulful Testimonies
No Soulful Testimonies can be missed in the process of unlocking all endings.
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