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User Info: MoonKnight78

4 years ago#1
Okay,this is my fist topic and I'm new here,anyway here a rule of what do to:
1-Playing as Yuu-In this one,you be playing only Yuu Shinohara,Seiko's little bother,as he was travel the horror of heavenly host.Note that he is 14 instead of 9.
2-Weapon and Item-As you can see,Yuu will only have a gogatsu nygio sword.You will find Item that will heal him,strenghent him,and Permently Raise up one of his stat.There are also a Item that give extra live.
3-Life and Health-Yuu start with his HP of 125,pretty low,but as he fight,his HP raise up.You get 5 life,and if you die with no live,you will respawn in the last candle you found.
4-Choice-In the situation,you need to Vote which choice will be correct,if wrong,you go to the wrong end.
5-Candle-You find a candle,if you aproach,your HP heal complete and save the spot.
6-Battle and Boss fight-While traveling,the evil spirit transform into monster that will stop your progressing.You need to kill them to progress.

Now then,here the character that will apeard and status.
1-Yuu Shinohara(Main Protagonist)
2-OC(Which one of you will apeared.)
3-Seiko Shinohara(Minor Character,Party)
4-Shadow(Main Villain)
5-Knight Blood(First boss fight)
6-Yuuya Kizami(Rival,Villain)

Note that this take place three week,Seiko still alive and the other too.
Now then,do you accept the risk?

1-Supply Bag.

"Fear not,for the Knight of the Moon,Will guide your fate."

User Info: KeyToTruth12

4 years ago#2

And you should add a space after a comma, period, and an exclamation mark. It makes things easier to read.
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User Info: PeckingBird

4 years ago#3
Eh, this board is already dying, MoonKnight78. Not to burst your bubble or anything. Noone has ever finish the CYOA or some weird adventure game topic because they always quit halfway. And since you are a newly made user, I've a feeling you will stop updating too.
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User Info: MoonKnight78

4 years ago#4
Ah if I stop updating, it means that I'm reading a fanfiction, playing game or that I forgot about that.

User Info: MoonKnight78

4 years ago#5
Also,I read your CYOA,and it was on the bad ending,but um...can you show them the other ending,not that I want you do,but you know,like how badassmanlyhero do when he beat the game.

User Info: MoonKnight78

4 years ago#6
Eh moving on.

It been three week since Yuu's older sister has dissapear,along with her friend.He walk to the halway,looking at the club he need to be.He enter the club know as the "Swordman" Club.

"Hey guys" Yuu say as he look at his friend: Satsuki, Sayako and his club Vice- president,Zenka.

"Well if its ain't the Gotatsu Nyngio."Zenka say as he saw Yuu enter."Oh you got here on time,check this out."Satsuki say as she pull out a paper doll."Hm? And what this?"Sayako say as she look at Satsuki.

"It a friendship charm call "Sachiko Ever after" charm"She reply to them."Huh,seem interesting."Zenka comented as he look at the paper doll."Hold on,before we do it,let us grab our stuff."Sayako suggested.

"Seem like a better Idea."A man say,they look to see the club president know as Peck."Hey Peck sensei."Say Zenka as he bow to him."Well let grab it."Yuu say as he pick up his katana.

[Pick up the Gotatsu Nyngio Sword]

"Well let begin shall we? Thought I wish Yuka was here."Satsuki say as they hold the piece of paper charm.

They all do the charm after Satsuki instruct them.

"Well then,let beging the tra--"Peck was cut off as the earthquake hit them."W-what the!?"Zenka say as he hold the wall.Then the floor give and everyone fall as they scream.
Chapter 1:The curse shool
Yuu woke up,and look around to see he was in the classroom.

"Where the heck am I?"Yuu say as he walk outside,then he hear the scream,he look at the direction.It came from the bathroom.

'Should I check it?'Yuu thought as he look behind him,for some reason,he thought he see something there.

A)Go to the source of the scream.
B)Go to where a strange shadow went.

1- Supply Bag.
2- Gotatsu Nyngio blade.

Tittle:Kendo Student:A student who attend the kendo club.

"Fear not,for the Knight of the Moon will guide your destiny."


User Info: MoonKnight78

4 years ago#7
I forgot to mention that I alway active no matter what.

User Info: Unholy_God

4 years ago#8

And good luck on this fiction. This board is dead anyway.
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