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  3. Is this a sequel to the first one?

User Info: crunchy612

7 years ago#1
Topic. Kinda confused, cuz i just started the first game, localized by XSEED. Then i see this as a game and... Well, that confused me.
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User Info: rockman_555

7 years ago#2
yup this season 2 story

User Info: eden13600

7 years ago#3
I would say this one is more of a sequel.

You play BoS to know more about what happened to the characters that not really explain or show how they die/appear/background.

And there are 3 chapters are start from a bad ending based from BCRF.

Chapter 8 is a prologue of the next series.

*Don't want to spoil too much.... :3 *

User Info: MMaestro

7 years ago#4
Its a sequel, prequel and alternate retelling of the first game.

User Info: papuel

7 years ago#5
You have the prologue, that is a direct sequel to the "Good ending".
Then, 7 chapters of "what would happen after that bad ending" and some background of some characters you encounter during the first game.
At last, and if you cleared the first game, you have chapter 8, that is a sequel to the "Good ending" (dunno if it is before or after the prologue). It ends with a: It'll continue in the next Corpse Party.
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  2. Corpse Party: Book of Shadows
  3. Is this a sequel to the first one?
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