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User Info: Vachu

9 years ago#1
Since most of the topics are gonna be about the new stuff, here's a list of differences with the SNES version. I started with shadestreet's list and added my observations to the the list:

- Original character names are now default choices.
- Translation seems 99% the same with a few minor changes.
- There is only 2 save slots. A third slot is reserved for the auto-save.
- The game automatically saves any time you change screen. Some rare occurrences do not autosave.

- There is now 4 shortcut slots on the right side of the screen. In any ring menu, you can now drag an icon to a shortcut slot. Touching the shortcut will execute the command. Very useful when mapping the girl's healing magic, or fast switching to the whip.
- When using an item or casting magic, the list of targets pops on the left side of the screen. This allows the player to either touch the target on the battlefield or on the left side menu if everything is too crammed up.

- The water now shows reflection of the sky and some lens flare effect
- Shadows are now in a separate layer on top of everything. You can see this when walking near buildings in towns.
- Some enemies have new graphics. So far I've seen different bees, slimes and fishes.
- Ring menu icons all have new graphics (Elementals, Magic, Weapons, etc.)
- There is now a black fadeout when sleeping (Not sure if this was true on the SNES)
- The world map shown when being fired off from the cannon is now less pixelated.

Music and sounds:
- Music no longer gets screwed up by the sound effects (in the original, some of the layers of music would go silent when certain sound effects were triggered like magic spells, weapons, basically anything)
- The music does not continuously loop, there is a split second delay between loops
- The goodnight song does not play completely before the characters wake up.

- The Stats menu now shows an illustration of the current character.
- In the Level menu (the one that shows your weapons and magic levels), you can now equip a weapon by dragging a weapon on your character's illustration. This is very useful when you are looking for which weapon to level up. You can also see if the weapon is already used by someone else directly from this menu.
- There is no more menu for customizing dialog boxes.
- The AI is not as customizable in the Action menu. Instead, there is now preset behaviors to choose from like attack closest enemy, don't attack, assist Randi, etc.

Controls and gameplay:
- When walking on stairs, there is no longer that short interruption between each step. This means you can now run on most stairs without getting interrupted.
- Using the whip to cross ridges is now more easier. In the SNES version you had to move near the first stake and wiggle the dpad until all the party was on the same spot before trying to jump the ridge. You can now just whip and touch the stake across the ridge and the rest of the party will follow automatically.
- You can double tap to dash. This is kind of hard to pull off and it only happened to me when I didn't want to.

- AI seems smarter - more aggressive and less likely to get "stuck" behind ledges, walls, etc
- Party members can now go off screen without preventing you from walking further. When they are off screen, they will eventually come back or you can force them to come back by opening in the ring menu.
- There is no multiplayer support.

- There was a small glitch in the SNES version when you talked to an Inn Keeper, if you were slightly to the left or to the right instead of centered when talking to the Inn Keeper, you would be misaligned in bed too. This glitch is no more.

That's it for now. If you see something else, feel free to add it to the list.

User Info: Tequilawhatitdo

9 years ago#2
Awesome. You rock my world.

User Info: Baha05

9 years ago#3
Should be noted the enemies are also more aggressive. Fire Gigas was a beast at being fast.
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User Info: Vachu

9 years ago#4
Other differences I noticed:

- Walking in the water now makes a "ripple" effect. (A white circle spawns from each character as they walk in water)
- There is some lighting effects in some places. For example, near the blacksmith in the Dwarf's cave, you can see a reddish glow surrounding the lava. Another example is in the Dwarf's cave where there are round bright spots on the ground (light from holes in the ceiling?) and darker corners. Walking in the bright spot will make your characters look brighter while walking in the dark spots will make your characters look darker, the same as with the shadows from buildings in towns.
- The tall grass now covers more of the enemies. A pink flower can hide pretty well in the tall grass.

User Info: Vachu

9 years ago#5

- The enemies are more aggressive. I find myself dying much than usual even though I went through this game a lot of times on the SNES with much less problems. I'm glad that this is not because of the controls. The controls are very good for an iPhone game. But yeah, the enemies are harder to beat.

- There is now a button on the upper left corner that allows to access the ring menu. The ring menu can also be accessed by touching the center of the screen where your active character is standing. The other way to access the ring menu is by dragging a character avatar from the status bar to the center of the screen, allowing to see the ring menu of another character than the active one.

User Info: shadestreet

9 years ago#6
I am really hoping the drop rates are improved. Granted they were always far more generous than, say, FF IV's insanely low drop rates, but it would be nice not to spend hours in the Pure Lands hunting for Griffin helms this go-around.... at least the music in that area is one of the best tracks in the game.

User Info: Datuna

9 years ago#7
- Using the whip to cross ridges is now more easier. In the SNES version you had to move near the first stake and wiggle the dpad until all the party was on the same spot before trying to jump the ridge.

Really? Never noticed this, maybe it was "fixed" for EU release.
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User Info: Vachu

9 years ago#8
- Having an elemental on your weapon no longer colors the weapon with the elemental's color. Instead, you can see a mini elemental floating above the character to indicate that he/she has an elemental on his/her weapon.

User Info: MachX7

9 years ago#9

I haven't purchased the game but I'm about to. I have a quick question about the changes made. Someone posted a comment saying that the framerate in this ipod version runs at "15 fps at best."

I haven't heard anyone else mention anything about a poor framerate so I'm inclined to believe that their statement isn't true. Can someone confirm that there is or is no difference between the framerate from the SNES to ipod versions? Thanks.

User Info: shadestreet

9 years ago#10
Perhaps it depends on the model of the iPod/iPhone?

I am running on a iphone 4 and have not had any issues with frame rate.
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