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  3. Confused on how to do chain links in overdrive

User Info: FuchsiaArmorer4

8 months ago#1
I know how to do link artes, but when I get the overdrive and get a chain chance I'm not sure what button to press to chain. The tutorials aren't very clear and any info on the internet is just confusing me further.

And how do you do chains with other characters? I try to press the left / right dpad to switch who I'm linked to but it doesn't work.

User Info: dawnbomb

8 months ago#2
once your in overlimit and use a link arte, you just do more artes that can result in link artes. During a chain, you do not have to press R2 after the first link arte, just do any input that would result in a link arte if you pushed R2, and it will come out with a link arte instead of the normal.

you can't use the same link arte in the chain more then once.

Swapping characters works as normal during a chain, so you can use a link, swap, then as normal press some arte that makes a link arte, and it comes out as part of the chain.

User Info: HolyX

8 months ago#3
If you are using Milla and Jude as an example.

Fireball - This starts the first attack, when it says "Start chain" again, do Wind Slash. this starts the second attack, while this is happening, break your chain with Jude, and link with Alvin, and use fireball. This starts the third attack, you can continue to go on and do this as long as you are using a new attack for each starting chain.

Example 2, Milla and Jude

If you have 5 different linked artes with Jude, just use those 5, rather than linking with somebody else mid-way through.
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User Info: FuchsiaArmorer4

8 months ago#4

thanks, the input explanation made it really clear, finally able to do them


makes sense now, thanks!
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