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  3. Battle system in this installment is subpar.

User Info: uberl33tpro

1 year ago#1
There isn't any depth to it, and there is zero incentive to play on higher difficulties like in some of the other tales games where you got notably more exp, grade, drops, gold etc for battles.

Also, Milla's voice actor is atrocious. She sounds like a 40 year old lonely cat lady.

Zestiria got a lot of criticism from fans, but even that game was better than this one, IMO.

Xillia is probably the worst tales game I've played since Legendia. My favorite ones were Graces F and Eternia.

User Info: rmkii

1 year ago#2
Yeah. It had some cool cities and nice ideas (characters in combat were super unique, like Vesperia) but the execution was subpar, dungeons were terrible, the Shop system is horrible and the whole combat/Linking is so broken.

Also poor in content, poor replay value and barely unlockable costumes.

Easily one of my least favorite games in the whole franchise.

User Info: singingsongs

1 year ago#3
take it to your twitter kevin

User Info: TokioJapon

1 year ago#4
singingsongs posted...
take it to your twitter kevin
I agree if you prefer arte tree games why whine about a 3D one? Zesitiria is obviously horrible in everything but its battle gameplay and even then thats just stunning and armatizing.
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User Info: Valkyreo

11 months ago#5
Agreed. From Xillia onward Tales became subpar.

User Info: Yggdrasille

11 months ago#6
Nope, both Xillia games have the best TP-based battle system in the series, while Graces f has the best CC-based gameplay. Linking, linked artes and unique battle actions/support effects are the best mechanics the Tales games ever had. Graces f's battle system may look flashier and feel more strategic, there is nothing quite as awesome as devastating groups of mobs with chains of linked artes and finishing off with a Mystic arte (or Linked Mystic arte in case of Xillia 2). Vesperia's and Abyss' battles just don't feel as good after playing Xillia. And don't get me started on Zestiria, its battle system is one of the worst: it tries to mimic Graces f, but fails miserably even at that. And there are just not enough artes for the Seraph characters because they had to give some of them to the stupid Armatizations.
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  3. Battle system in this installment is subpar.
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