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User Info: Brodius

1 year ago#1
I have the following left to do, after booting this game up again after years of not playing it. I'm at post game.

Career Thief: Link with Leia. Steals 150 items whiile the enemy is downed.
Charge Adept: Use Alvin's Charge 150 times in battle. Press the Arte button after using an arte.
Forger of Chains: Performed 450 chain link artes during overlimit in battles.
Leader of Links: Use 1350 link artes in battles.
Sadist: Kill 1350 enemies using their weaknesses.
Skilled Delegator: AI uses 400 items automatically during battles.
Sous Chef: Battle 800 times with food consumed.

I was hoping to do the Sadist, Skilled Delegator and Sous Chef at the same time, but I wanted to confirm that the weaknesses only counts if you kill the monster? I won't be able to sit on minimum damage/or have it set to the hardest difficulty so the monsters survive enough for a few attacks and just spam an elemental arte while my team replenishes my TP?
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  3. Question on my remaining trophies to complete
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