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User Info: sumnayin

1 year ago#1
Okay, so I bought this in 2015 for like 10 bucks on PSN, finally started it in 2020 and beat it....This is the worst Tales game I have ever played. There is literally no point to the game for the first 50-75% of the game as the only real story is that there is a Spyrix that needs to be destroyed even though we know nothing about it(Which they find out later). Then, Jude later admits he just wants to follow Milla around because he has a crush on her and she likes him. Then after that 50-75% of the game with no real story...everyone in your party agrees that risking the entirety of humanity is worth letting spirits be killed when their whole thing is saving humans and spirits. These people are literally okay with letting spirits die and risking the human race being wiped out to stop Gaius(the good guy in this story, but the bad guy in the game) from saving humanity and spirits.

Jude LITERALLY tells Gaius at the end of the game that he doesn't care if all of humanity dies...because Milla likes him and he wants to help her...HE LITERALLY SAYS THAT.

User Info: dawnbomb

1 year ago#2
okay...and? jude can't be selfish?

tales is mostly for it's rippin combat systems and high difficulty gameplay the games allow, that almost no other action game can get close to, except maybe YS now adays.

User Info: Number090684

1 year ago#3
Yeah Xillia 1 sucks TC. Xillia 2 is both better and worse in some ways, but at least part of what Xillia 2 improved absolutely delivers and are the most important aspects of Tales games, the combat and overall content. Also, Xillia 2's "bad" ending is amazing and let's you make things right when it comes to these insufferable characters and all around s***ty entry in the Tales series.

User Info: 2pac_Alypse_Now

1 year ago#4
As far as Tales games go this was one I actually enjoyed.
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User Info: angolmoa

1 year ago#5
I love all tales games..
ppl most start to take tales game for what it is.
you think tales of aries will be any better.not many tales game beat tales of graces f.
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User Info: sniffy

10 months ago#6
I didn't think any Tales games could get worse than Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World, but Tales of Xillia tore right through that one. This is hands down the worst Tales game in the entire series. Congrats on getting through this horrible installment!
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User Info: Krobelus

10 months ago#7
nah, dawn of the new world was still infinitely worse, might as well have called it a pokemon crossover
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User Info: hizumi84

9 months ago#8
I dunno, but ToX1 is definitely the best Tales I've ever played followed by Berseria. I just enjoyed every moment of it and Milla is the best Tales waifu lol.

User Info: Po-Rayu

8 months ago#9
Vesperia is the worst. I’m really enjoying Xillia’s combat. It actually doesn’t take forever to turn decent like Vesperia.

User Info: QueenCia

8 months ago#10
Yeah I really didn't like this game. Was fun for a while but it got boring, the characters and story that is. Good job the gameplay was enough to make me finish it, didn't even bother with 2.

Tales of Berseria on the other hand...oh boy, one of my fav jrpgs and kept me hooked start to finish.
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