Cecil Battle Spritesheet

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User Info: Mariarchi

4 months ago#1
After Mt. Ordeals, the disparity between Cecil's overworld sprite and his in-battle sprite really bugged me. So I stopped playing, took out my tablet, and drew some new ones. I used lots of elements from his TAY sprite. Now I just have to figure out how to use the editor replace the sprites in the ISO...

Here's the spritesheet. I hope some other people get some use out of this!


User Info: Mariarchi

4 months ago#2
Time for an update. I made some changes to Cecil's pauldrons (http://i.cubeupload.com/wdyuXP.png). Converted the PNG file into a .tim2 texture. Next I pasted it into BattleFF4Char.lzs with a hex editor. Since the archive's filesize had now changed, I updated the pointers for the rest of the .tm2 files in BattleFF4Char.lzs. Unfortunately, that didn't work - turns out the battle sprites are all compressed with LZTX. After rebuilding the ISO, the game hanged at the first loading screen. I guess the pointers in PAC0 were messed up by the change in filesize.

Anyone know if there is an LZTX compression tool out there for FF4's .tm2 textures? It's just ('just') the LSZZ algorithm afaik. There's a decompressor included in Natreg's editor, but no compressor. I don't think I could do it by hand. Frustrating!

User Info: KevinReconAlpha

3 months ago#3
This is pretty awesome. I was wondering if anyone would ever tackle this. Are you familiar with this community? There might be someone there that could help.


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