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User Info: jayman7

6 years ago#1

Q) What is this game?

This is a compilation of Final Fantasy IV, an Interlude, and Final Fantasy IV: The After Years.

Q) Well, what are those games?

Final Fantasy IV is an update to the Super Nintendo original, which was called "Final Fantasy II" when it was first released in America (as, at the time, we did not get the real Final Fantasy II or III).

The Interlude is a short game that takes place about a year after FF4. It has never been released before.

The After Years is the sequel to FF4, first released on mobile phones in Japan, and later ported to WiiWare. It takes place about seventeen years after FF4 (so sixteen after the Interlude.)

Q) Gameplay-wise, does anything carry over between the three games?


Q) Does it matter what order I play the games?

From a gameplay perspective, no. If you've played FF4 a million times and just want to go straight into TAY, nothing stopping you. However, if you don't know the plot of FF4, I recommend you play that first.
Creator of Jay's Journey (see quote!)
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User Info: jayman7

6 years ago#2

Q) What version is this most closely based on?

The second print Game Boy Advance version. (To clarify, the first print - which Americans got - had many bugs that were fixed in the second print - which Europeans got. Japan got both prints.)

So all the bonus features of the Game Boy Advance version - such as character switching and the Lunar Ruins - are in.

None of the features of the DS version - such as Augments and New Game + - are in. However, some aspects of the translation were altered to be more in line with the DS translation (for example, the place where Leviathan and Asura reside is the Feymarch, not the Land of Summoned Monsters), and you have the option of using the arranged music tracks from the DS version.

Q) What has changed from the GBA version?

- The graphics got an overhaul (they're still 2D sprites, but higher resolution.)
- You can choose whether you want the original music tracks or the DS arrangements.
- The aforementioned translation tweaks.
- Porom's Cry now Confuses enemies instead of making it easier to run from battle.
- Yang's wife is now referred to as "Shiela", which is how she's known in TAY.
Nothing else I can think of offhand.

Q) How do the stats work after level 70?

Like the original (and unlike the DS or obscure Mobile versions), stat gains after level 70 are essentially random. There are eight possible stat changes for each character after level 70 - you can look at the Max Stats guide to see them.

Q) I didn't play the GBA version. What's this about party switching?

After you get to a certain point in the game - and the game will let you know when this is (it's late), you can go to Mysidia to swap the characters you'd normally have (Rosa, Rydia, Kain, and Edge) for characters you normally wouldn't (Palom, Porom, Cid, Yang, and Edward). Cecil must remain in the party at all times, and Tellah and Fusoya are not available.

Q) Are there any new dungeons?

Yep. The first time you head to Mysidia after character swapping becomes available, the game will tell you about the Cave of Trials over on Mt. Ordeals. This place has monsters about on par with those in the previous and next areas in the plot, but it has new equipment specifically meant for the five characters you wouldn't have had before. The weapons require you to beat new bosses, and you must have the appropriate character in your party to claim them (the armor can be claimed whether those characters are with you or not.)

Then you get another, the Lunar Ruins, after you beat the final boss (be sure you save!) It's full of powerful monsters, game breaking equipment, and nine trials. Each trial requires you to have the right character in your party when you encounter them and it requires you to have defeated the final boss with the appropriate character. Palom and Porom have one trial between them; only one needs to be with you when you fight the final boss, but both need to be with you to complete the trial. Thus, in order to complete all the trials, you need to beat the final boss at least twice (say, once with Cecil/Rosa/Rydia/Kain/Edge and once with Cecil/Edward/Cid/Yang/Porom), and you need to enter the Lunar Ruins at least three times. There's also a superboss at the end of the whole thing.
Creator of Jay's Journey (see quote!)
"It's not ten years old! Therefore, it sucks!" - Nostalgia whores everywhere

User Info: jayman7

6 years ago#3

Q) How long is the Interlude?

Short. Like a couple of hours.

Q) Since nothing carries over, and it's so short, do I have to play it to enjoy The After Years?

Not if you don't want to. No reason not to, of course. It explains an unexplained plot point or two in The After Years, and it unlocks some Gallery images, but that's it.

Q) What characters are featured?

At various points, all of the characters you could choose from at the end of this version of FF4 except Edward and Kain are in your party at some point; Edward appears, but Kain is completely absent for the whole ordeal. No new playable characters are introduced, but there are a couple of cameos of TAY characters who weren't in the original.
Creator of Jay's Journey (see quote!)
"It's not ten years old! Therefore, it sucks!" - Nostalgia whores everywhere

User Info: jayman7

6 years ago#4
THE AFTER YEARS (lot of questions with this one...)

Q) How is this different from the WiiWare version?

- Well, for one, you get all of the chapters upfront instead of having to buy them all separately!
- Ceodore's and Kain's chapters are split (as they were in the Mobile version), and Ceodore's Challenge Dungeon (I'll get to it!) is once again available.
- The WiiWare version allowed you to get more copies of the rare treasure from some Challenge Dungeons after you obtained all of them. This is no longer possible.
- On the plus side, you're less likely to get something other than the rare treasure before you've obtained all of it, and when you do, it'll be an X-Potion.
- Every chapter also features some monsters that were not present in the original, but they're rare. These monsters can drop things like Stardusts and Megalixirs.
- The Gil cap in the character chapters was removed.
- And there's a bonus boss you can access late in the final chapter, which requires you to split your characters into three teams to fight (so you should definitely equip enough characters!)
- Oh, yeah, and new graphics again.

Q) Did anything change from the Mobile version?

In addition to most of the points above, some of the WiiWare changes made it in - for example, the final three chapters are still combined, and the new treasures added to Kain's Challenge Dungeon (originally to compensate for the lack of Ceodore's) are still there, so you can effectively get those treasures twice.

Q) Now, wait, you said all the chapters were available upfront! Where are all of them?

You have to beat Ceodore's before any others open up - that will unlock Rydia's, Yang's, Palom's, Edge's, Porom's, and Edward's. Beat any one of those to get Kain's. Beat his to get the Lunarians'. And beat that one to open up The Crystals, which is the final chapter.

Q) What order should I play the chapters?

May as well just play them in the order they're listed, though of course you don't have to. The plot works best if you only play Kain's after Yang's, Porom's, and Edward's. Don't start The Crystals until you've done everything in every character chapter that you want to and saved it.

Q) After I've completed a tale, can I safely overwrite its save file?

(Well, unless you have another copy of it.) Do NOT! save over your TAY chapter saves with saves from other chapters!

Q) Okay, okay! So what's this about Challenge Dungeons?

After you complete any of the nine character chapters (the Lunarian's Tale is a character chapter), save the game, and reload the save, you can find Namingw... er, Challengingway and play a Challenge Dungeon. These vary from chapter to chapter. They contain rare items.

The Lunarians' chapter has two Challenge Dungeons; you need to get a certain item from one to unlock the other. However, only the second contains Adamantite (see below).
Creator of Jay's Journey (see quote!)
"It's not ten years old! Therefore, it sucks!" - Nostalgia whores everywhere

User Info: jayman7

6 years ago#5
Q) Are these items worth it?

A completionist wouldn't turn them down, but they'll all be outclassed in the final chapter - all, that is, except Adamantite. Be sure you get that, there are only ten in the game (one in each chapter's CD, plus a second in Kain's.) In the final chapter, you can turn your Adamantite into amazing armor.

Also, among the rare treasures you can get are Silver Apples and Soma Drops, which can permanently increase a character's HP or MP, respectively. These are in every Challenge Dungeon. Aside from that and Elixirs, most of the stuff you'll get from the CDs is equipment, but that varies from CD to CD.

Q) I tried to follow the FAQ, but Ceodore's chapter ended when I got to Mist!
Q) I'm in Ceodore's Challenge Dungeon. I looked at a FAQ, and it said I'd have Rosa! And Cid! And Kain! But I don't have those characters!
Q) A FAQ told me that I'd get (some item) from Ceodore's Challenge Dungeon, but all I'm getting is Mythril Equipment!

Most of the FAQs were written with the WiiWare version in mind. The WiiWare version combined Ceodore's and Kain's chapters, and skipped Ceodore's Challenge Dungeon entirely. The CD that expects you to have Rosa, Cid, and Kain is actually Kain's Challenge Dungeon, not Ceodore's.

Q) When I started Kain's chapter, it asked to import data from Ceodore's chapter. What's this about?

The WiiWare version did get that right; Kain's chapter follows from Ceodore's, and all of your levels and items carry over. Because of this, make sure you do everything in Ceodore's chapter that you want done (especially the Challenge Dungeon) before you start Kain's. The import your Ceodore data to start stronger and with more stuff.

Q) So when it asks to import data from the other chapters in The Crystals, it's the same deal?

Yup. That said, The Crystals does not import Ceodore's chapter data (because you should have imported it into Kain's already.)

Also, there are certain characters you simply will not get unless you play the character chapters.

Q) Oh no! How can I make sure I get all the characters?

- Rydia's chapter: At the end of the chapter, you need to get three rare items. One is found in a conspicuous pot just sitting around. The other two are dropped by Quarto Puppets in one specific room of the bottom floor of the Agart Mines in a Waxing Moon. Beat the boss of the chapter while all three items are in your possession (if you already beat him, you can just do the events again. But you must see the scene as it plays out with those three items. Then save and load your data into The Crystals, and two characters you otherwise wouldn't get will be available.

- Yang's chapter: Just beat it and import data for one character.

- Palom's chapter: Just beat it and import data for one character.

- Edge's chapter: Early in the chapter, four characters will go on solo missions. If these characters die, the game will keep going... but you'll never, ever get that character back. So make sure that all four missions play out without your characters dying. Then beat the chapter and import data. If you don't import Edge's data, that's four characters you can never use!

- Edward's chapter: Just beat it and import data for one character... though I've heard a couple of reports that you won't get that character if you skip the Damcyan events in the first part of the final chapter (before hearing these reports, I didn't even realize those events were skippable, and I haven't tested this myself.)
Creator of Jay's Journey (see quote!)
"It's not ten years old! Therefore, it sucks!" - Nostalgia whores everywhere

User Info: jayman7

6 years ago#6
Q) That's everyone?

Well, late in the final chapter, you can lose a character if you don't bring the right party. I won't tell you what battle - spoilers and all that - but I will tell you who to bring. If you don't bring Cecil and the Man in Black, it's Game Over right then and there. But in order not to lose your character, you must also bring Ceodore and Rosa.

Q) Any other missables?

We'll be here all day. I'll tell you about the Summons, though.

In the final chapter, you have to fight various Eidolons. Most of the Eidolons can be permanently lost.

Shiva, Ifrit, Ramuh: They'll eventually stop attacking you. When they do, return the favor. If you kill them, they die.

Sylph: Don't kill off the Sylphs. I think you'll be fine if a few die, but there's no need. Just run away (or let them do the same) if you get into a fight with them.

Chocobo: You have to find him in the Chocobo Forest west of Kaipo before you enter Baron.

Leviathan, Asura: These are fought in the second part of the final chapter. Just bring Rydia to their battles to make sure they join you.

Bahamut: Will join you if you got Leviathan and Asura.

Q) What's this I hear about Tails?

Each character chapter has a special colored tail that you can obtain. Most of them (Palom's Black Tail and Edward's Gold Tail are exceptions) can be obtained from a rare monster that only appears in one Lunar Phase; NPCs will give you hints as to where these monsters appear and what phases. (Ceodore's Blue Tail can also be found in Kain's, but Kain's chapter also allows you to get Gray Tails.)

You can also find stronger versions of these monsters that drop the colored tails in the final chapter (this time, Black and Gold are included) so it's not urgent you get them in the character chapters. There's even one that can only be obtained then (the Pink Tail.)

Also, in the first part of the final chapter, you'll come across Small Tails hidden around the world (note: There are also "Small Tales". These are just Potions with a different name, don't worry about them.) There are 21 Small Tails you can obtain. In the Eblan Cave, you can exchange seven Small Tails for a (non-Pink) colored Tail of your choice, or 14 for a one-of-a-kind Rainbow Tail. This is the only way to get a Rainbow Tail, so you can get one of those and one colored tail, or if you don't caire about the Rainbow, three colored tails.

In the very last part of the final chapter, you can trade these tails for equipment with special effects. Each colored tail can be traded for something different, Rainbow included.

NOTE: In Edward's chapter, you'll find Bronze and Silver Tails. Five Bronzes can be traded for a Silver in the Underground Waterway, and five Silvers for a Gold. Bronze and Silver Tails do nothing else - ever - so go ahead and trade them up to Golds while you're still in Edward's chapter.

Q) Once you get to the area in the second part of the final chapter, can you go back to previous areas?

No. Sorry.
Creator of Jay's Journey (see quote!)
"It's not ten years old! Therefore, it sucks!" - Nostalgia whores everywhere

User Info: jayman7

6 years ago#7
Q) I don't like temporary characters leaving with my stuff. How can I avoid this?

There are MINOR SPOILERS in this part.

Still here?


Ceodore's chapter:
Biggs, Wedge: They're usable for one battle afterward, but your last opportunity to de-equip them is after you leave the Mythril Mines and before you enter Mythril.
Cecil, Rosa, Cid: The versions of these characters you get are IMPOSTORS! Okay, not really; plot-wise, they're the same as the real characters, but gameplay-wise, they're not, so you'll lose anything they're carrying once they're gone. You enter an inescapable series of battles after you climb to the top of the tower in this chapter; Rosa and Cid leave before the final battle, and Cecil after it. Rosa and Cid are unlikely to have anything great (Temp!Cid has the only Wooden Hammer not dropped by monsters, but the monsters that drop Wooden Hammer are very common, and it's high on their drop list), but Cecil's equipment is almost unique (the real Cecil comes with the same stuff, but not until much later.) The sword is useless except for collection purposes (no one else can use it), but Ceodore might appreciate his armor.
White Mage, Black Mage: De-equip them just before you enter Baron through the moat.

Rydia's chapter:
Calca, Brina: They're not temporary if you took the steps outlined above, but they still leave right as you leave the Sealed Cave with the Dark Crystal and won't return until the final chapter.

Yang's chapter:
Monks A, B, C: The easiest way to deal with them is to de-equip them just before you reach the chapter's final boss. But if you didn't do that, you can return to the island (and subsequently get them back) just by hopping on the boat - but be warned that when you do this, no going back to Fabul until you complete all the events again.

Palom's chapter: N/A

Edge's chapter: N/A

Porom's chapter:
Palom, Rydia: Again, they're permanent, but not here. As you leave the Eidolon Cave, de-equip them.
White Mage, Black Mage, Kain: Once again, not the permanent version of Kain. You can use them in the post-chapter, so de-equip them whenever you like before you start the finale.
Mysidian Elder: You never get the opportunity to fully de-equip him, but if you ABSOLUTELY MUST have his (worthless and common) Staff, just take it from him during the one battle he's available through the Items menu.

Edward's chapter:
Guards A, B, C: Like the characters from Porom's chapter, de-equip them at your own leisure once you've completed the chapter.

Kain's chapter: Believe it or not, N/A. There is a temporary character, but you get his stuff back even if you didn't de-equip him. It makes sense why he's the only case of this if you think about it.

Lunarians' chapter:
Flashback character: Not saying who it is; I said MINOR spoilers! Like the Mysidian Elder, you can't fully de-equip him, but it IS worth taking his unique sword. You get to use him in a few flashback battles - one at the beginning of the chapter, the rest at the end - but take it at the beginning. It's fairly weak, but it boosts your chapter's main character's Intelligence, which is nice.
Fusoya: Like with Porom's characters and Edward's guards, no rush here. Take his stuff when you're done with the chapter.


These are the questions that occurred to me. If I overlooked important questions, and I almost certainly did, go ahead and suggest them for a future version.

I'm not giving a full list of the CD items because it would be too long. That "Temporary character" thing is already long enough.
Creator of Jay's Journey (see quote!)
"It's not ten years old! Therefore, it sucks!" - Nostalgia whores everywhere
(edited 6 years ago)

User Info: Bartz101

6 years ago#8
Sticky requested :) good job
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User Info: thinkingofwar

6 years ago#9
Sticky Requested.
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User Info: The_Lourde

6 years ago#10
Forgot to mention that WiiWare RNG methods are no longer valid. Other than that, think you hit all the most common questions and misconceptions.
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