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tony8669 7 months ago#1
I see a lot mentioned about Beyond Skyrim: Bruma (mods making other mods work with it), but don't actually see the mod listed anywhere.

Is this released? Is there somewhere to get it besides Nexus?
tony8669 7 months ago#2
Ah ok, I should have searched with Google instead of whatever garbage Nexus uses.

I found the page for Beyond Syrim - Bruma at Nexus.

(edit) It's interesting that BSB will work with Skyrim Together.
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tony8669 7 months ago#3
FYI, for anyone unaware (like I was), Bruma is a pre-release of Beyond Skyrim - Cyrodiil.

At some point, they're going to get the whole of Tamriel, and also Atmora. That's crazy how ambitious this is, and also that it's not just some pie in the sky ambition, but it's actually coming together and going to be finished at some point.
mikey_205 5 months ago#4
Check out the currently in development Apotheosis if you'd like a mod where you travel to all the daedric realms.
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