If you could play Skyrim as any NPC, which one would it be?

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  3. If you could play Skyrim as any NPC, which one would it be?

User Info: Fallahad

4 months ago#1
I like to play as the Thalmor, so I obviously chose a Thalmor NPC. But that is not the point. Skyrim has many, many interesting NPCs I'd love to play as. Like Paarthurnax. Or Cicero.

Of course, with the mod "alternate Actors" we can actually play as any NPC of your choice, like in here:


However, even if you play as him/her, little changes regarding the plot happen. You can kill the original player character and play the rest of the game as the NPC you are controlling. But the game will then start recognizing this NPC as the new player character and treat him/her as if they are the new Dragonborn, with a few exceptions (for example, I can enter and leave the Thalmor embassy without being harassed while controlling my Thalmor NPC; even if I attack a thalmor Justiciar, the others will help me kill the one I'm attacking).

So, my question is: which NPC would you choose?

Also, does anyone know of any mod that allows a deeper immersion regarding playing the game from a NPC's point of view?
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User Info: Oddplume

4 months ago#2
This makes me wonder if Alternate Actors could be combined with Familiar Faces? I'm tempted to try and see if I can make an adventuring party instead of just rolling a lone Dragonborn. Even if it is something super simple like the Dragonborn had a few friends he/she traveled to Skyrim with and got separated before the cart ride to Helgen? For example, I restarted a character who is a 2h swordsman in heavy armor, it would be nice if he befriended a rising upstart in the College of Winterhold who is an actual mage, instead of having to do everything himself to advance the plot there.

Anyway, to answer your question, I wouldn't mind being Jarl for a day. Maybe mind control Balgruuf or Vignar depending on the circumstances. I think there's already mods for being a Jarl or being a bandit leader or some such. I'm concerned I have too many SKSE based mods that wouldn't jive with multiple "PC"s in a single save anyway. I use Skyrim Unbound so everybody except the fore mentioned 2h warrior got to skip the Helgen near execution part and just spring up somewhere in Skyrim, but there's still a laundry list of MCM settings I go through for each character before even getting to the creation menu.

I don't know of any mods that expound upon NPC roles though. Just about everything immersion focused is on immersion for the dragonborn, not the rest of the cast. Even some of those survival mods probably ignore needs and climate for enemy NPCs to keep the northern half of Skyrim from being completely barren, (and to save on CPU loads.)

I haven't had much time to search the nexus or any other mod sites lately, and my job keeps me from my good gaming rig for weeks at a time. Working sucks. I miss being a NEET.
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User Info: Needforspeed2

4 months ago#3
Probably one of the members of the dark brotherhood. They seem to live the most exciting lives. Not that i would want that in real life. Im mean from an RP standpoint.

User Info: Evil_Geoff

4 months ago#4
If I could play any NPC?

Why not jump to the head of the class? Ulfric or Tullius. Because I would totally change the entire nature of the civil war, playing either character. Not that the game is flexible enough to actually let you role-play outside the rails it has set up.
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User Info: Marcel4816

4 months ago#5
Nazeem, so I can get to the Cloud District more often.
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User Info: bshwalker

4 months ago#6
It feels so good to be so bad.
I'd have NPC whacked at my leisure, get guards to fight each other...
Actually, I should be able to do that with the Become King of Skyrim mod.
A new game is about to begin...
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User Info: Xbxluver

4 months ago#7
I did that, used the (ffaces)shinebooks to record my other characters as npc for cross world playing & swaped between them in the same save game as my main, I didn't however go as far as taking over my mains clone on a secondary character to clone & switch back to my main characters save world to take a npc for cloning to repeat clone on a third save to keep them forever, sort of pointless since you could just find them in game, even their dead body to control/console command spawn them in if they ever did die & disappear...

But all this is very possible, the mods slightly buggy so I stopped messing with it.
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User Info: H4RDC0R3V1B3Z

4 months ago#8

I'd love to know what he gets up to in his spare time.
So say we all.

User Info: MortimerMcMire

4 months ago#9

I'd beat the PC by never ever landing to fight

User Info: marrax

4 months ago#10
A priestess of Dibella.
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