Recommended greenery mods?

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User Info: LordTrinen

3 months ago#1
I know there are plenty of mods out there that can add extra greenery to the game (trees, bushes, grass, etc.) but I never bothered to mess with them since I heard they can be taxing on a system.

Now I have a stronger rig and I'm thinking of sprucing up my game world a bit. What greenery mods are generally recommended? Make my Skyrim seem more green and overall more alive.

User Info: Oddplume

3 months ago#2
There are as many landscaping mods as the day is long. I think the big ones are SFO, ULO, and Verdant (I use Verdant).

Just pick around nexus for what you like.
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User Info: Evil_Geoff

3 months ago#3
You can always go to Nexus and check out the Most Downloaded or Most Endorsed. Personally I use Most Endorsed as a qualifier. Average is around 10% endorsements, so a mod with 4,000 downloads should have, roughly, 400 endorsements. If it's way over 10%, people like it A LOT. If it's way under 10%? I start looking deeper, like at the bug reports, and the first few pages of comments to see if there are a lot of "This broke that, how do I fix it?" or "This mod sucks" or "I can't get this mod to work" comments.

Sometimes a complicated, but good mod doesn't get endorsed because it is hard to install and get working properly. Sometimes it was done half-assed and the mod author hasn't fixed it.
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  3. Recommended greenery mods?

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