Muffle enchantment console command

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User Info: Axl_the_Redmage

7 months ago#1
A lot of people keep asking if there is a console command for an item with that enchantment, so here, use these:

00092a75 for Steel
00092a89 for Dwarven
00092a8e for Steel Plate
000cf7b2 for Orcish
000cf827 for Ebony
000d5371 for Glass
000d7a1f for Dragonplate
000d7a8b for Deadric

User Info: redtide1962

7 months ago#2
I would like to point out that this enchantment that you want to put on your boots gives nothing but "-1.0 movementnoisemult", which causes any character to make no noise by moving from armor. The Muffled Movement perk only gives the player -0.5 movementnoisemult, which is not quite enough, but the Silence perk gives the player -1.0 movementnoisemult just like the enchantment you all are trying so hard to put on your boots. Having any more than -1.0 does nothing, since the base movement mult is 1.0 and the minimum value is 0. By putting perks points into Sneak and reaching the Silence perk, you will be completely muffled without the muffle spell and without the muffle enchantment.

Get the Silence perk, I know you all have it already anyway.
Don't put muffle on your boots; it does nothing and is yet another wasted enchantment slot.

User Info: Axl_the_Redmage

7 months ago#3
True, but this is a good enchantment for early in the game, also if you don't plan on making a stealth-based character

User Info: Oddplume

7 months ago#4
Yep. Having muffle on boots helped my warhammer using goon get some free cheap shots on people with a sprinting attack. Volendrung SMASH!

Also I didn't really bother with my mage because mages can just cast Muffle and Invisibility, and both level Illusion fairly quickly.
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  3. Muffle enchantment console command

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