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User Info: Angrywolves

4 years ago#141
Was kinda disappointed as I learn my way through modding.Had problems with AP and FNIS and asked for help on Reddit and got a 0.
Oh well.
Guess I 'll have to figure out how to fix it on my own.

User Info: sykesm

4 years ago#142
I've updated to the latest version of Nexus Mod Manager (w/ Profiles). Is it still safe to use LOOT and how does it interact with the Profiiles?
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User Info: Angrywolves

4 years ago#143
Not much said here either.

When NMM was updated there were issues with it.I presume those have been fixed by now.MO is better although it has its own issues.

Not a fan of the Skyrim modding redditt and the way it is moderated/run but if you are interested in the game it's the place to check out for information such as the ugrids to load memory leak issue.

Gamerpoets is a good person to check out his videos on how to install loot, wyrebash stuff like that.I like his temperament.

Happy holidays for those interested in that kind of thing.

User Info: bitstream5

4 years ago#144
may have been stated already but change BOSS to LOOT
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User Info: Angrywolves

4 years ago#145

Kinda surprised not much being said here.
I presume everyone knows about USLEEP the new mod that replaces the major patches.
It supposedly fixes some issues the old patches missed.

Was kinda surprised as well at an big brewhahaha on the skyrim modding redditt between Arthmoor and Mator with Thallassa on Mators side.

I don't like Thallassa.I think he/she is arrogant and arrogant people get on my nerves.That is why I cancelled my redditt signon. I still don't know why the mods there made Thallassa a mod as well but Thallassa is intelligent and knows their stuff so I suppose that was the reason albeit their abrasiveness can and does turn some people off .

I basically agree with Arthmoor. I appreciate Mators smash and what he has done but I am not sure it is something the casual fan can perform. If it requires someone to decide what is a priority/how to resolve conflicts most of us fans lack the knowledge and skill to do that without making mistakes.
There are it seems some people who are too are reluctant to even learn basic modding and use a few mods so how can those of us who have modded be assured we know how to do something even more complex that the routine stuff.

Most of us want to push a couple of button and get the conflict resolved and get rid of CTDS and not spend a lot of time with a complex analysis and resolution.

I think that was what Arthmoor was saying and I agree with that although I think we need people like Mator looking for alternatives to Wyre Bash, Loot, TES5edit and the other standard tools we use to make them better or make something that works better.

But the new tools need to be fine tooled as it were so it's something a layman in the process can use and not something that requires specialized knowledge.

I wonder if Arthmoor will bother to go back to the redditt.I know if I was him I wouldn't.

Anyway, that is my opinion.

User Info: Angrywolves

4 years ago#146
The modder who did the b****in' mods has become angry over someone using a character likeness without his permission/acknowledgement and has hidden his mods on the Nexus.

Just for your information.

User Info: Angrywolves

4 years ago#147
Elianora's flowery language.lol


User Info: Kavenry

4 years ago#148
thanks again
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User Info: KG7WPQ

3 years ago#149
Hi everybody

I've only just started playing around with modifying my Skyrim experience though console commands, adding objects and changing attributes of things, just basic stuff. Anyway, the reason I'm here is because I am trying to find some IDs for what I guess you would call "World objects" but I'm not sure if that's the proper term. Things like trees, rocks, bones etc. Stuff you might find laying on the ground as you travel from place to place in the game, because I want to be able to add some of those types of things to areas that I am modifying. If I can get very specific for a minute, a friend made the request of me to try and figure out what the base ID code for the elk skull is so they could place one in their house. I know this is one of those objects you can't pick up and add to inventory so it would have to be added with a player.placeatme command and properly positioned. I've got a handle on placing objects and positioning them as I've built an entire crafting area in a large open portion of some Dwemer ruins, but no matter where I look online I can't seem to find a list of these world objects or any information on getting those ID codes using the help command. I don't have any of the Skyrim modding tools yet and I was hoping to be able to just do this from the console as I'm about 90% certain it can be done if I have the right item code. Does anybody have such a list or know where I can get those codes?

I realize this thread hasn't had a new post in 11 months but I'm hopeful anyway. Thank you and I will continue my search while I await any replies to this thread.

User Info: PS2Gamer

4 months ago#150
Top 5 mods?
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