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  3. Immediate crash to desktop on saving

User Info: KiyokoFaith

6 years ago#1
I encountered this problem just yesterday. I have no idea what caused it, either. I am currently at level 17, and it has actually happened once before way earlier.

First time it happened, it was upon entering a dungeon, where it would normally auto-save. I fast-travelled from Blue Palace in Solitude, to the Solitude Harbor. I turned in a quest, and went towards a cave I had been tasked with clearing out. When I reached the cave, the game quit without any warning. Upon retrying, it worked, so I didn't give it much thought back then.

Then, several levels and quests later, I'm now in the Tower of Dawn (Or rather, the dungeon beneath it). I drank the potion that turned me into some sort of ghost, and now I've gained access to the lower levels, about to end the quest by destroying the skull of corruption. I saved right after unlocking the barrier, but now I'm stuck - If I save again, no matter how I do that, the game crashes. If I leave the tower, it crashes. If I quicksave, it crashes. If I manually save, it crashes. Completing the quest doesn't help, either.

A very important note here, is that I'm not using any add-ons. I have the Dragonborn DLC, and only the Dragonborn DLC. Nothing else. I have no idea what could possibly be causing this. I've tried several restarts of my computer, and nothing seems to work. The absolute only thing that comes to mind, is the fact that I didn't purchase Dragonborn until about level 10 on this character. But that shouldn't cause save issues, should it?

Also, the save-game isn't corrupt. I can easily load, even quick-load. But saving is impossible. I intend to go back to a previous save, and reenter the Tower, see if things change. But since it has already happened once before, I'm not really sure if I'd like to do so, if I end up having the same issue later anyway.

So, does anyone know anything about this issue? And would it be best to just make a new character, and hope it doesn't happen to that one as well? Because as much as I hate to make a new character, that is much more desireable than playing a game that sometimes decides that I shouldn't have the ability to save anymore.

User Info: LegendXP

6 years ago#2
/a lot of people had this happen, including me. Here's the fix. I can confirm it works.

1. Load an older save (as long as it doesn't have CTD on save glitch, then load it)
2. Create a NEW save (through pause menu)
3. Type in player.kill in the console menu, which can be brought up using `
4. Load your latest save (the one that had CTD glitch)
5. Type in player.kill
6. When it loads back up, Try saving (I usually just use quicksave)

Just to be safe, make sure the quest is completed and your no longer in that dungeon.
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User Info: KiyokoFaith

6 years ago#3
Nop, didn't work. Tried it immediately, and it worked. Then I drank the potion, and unlocked the barrier, and it returned. I was allowed to leave the tower if I didn't drink the potion, but the moment I did, it screwed up my game.

I also tried the trick, then going through the quest, completing it, and then trying to leave - Didn't work, either. It seems to be the quest that is causing this particular problem.

Which I just confirmed by actually searching for the specific quest, instead of asking around.

" During Waking Nightmare, after taking the Vaermina's Torpor and entering the dream-realm, manual and autosaves may cause the game to freeze altogether or crash to the desktop.

Solution: Turn off all autosave settings while in Nightcaller Temple and avoid saving until you leave again.
Solution: Leave Nightcaller Temple, then re-enter. Doing so allows you to save normally.
Solution: PC Patch Beta Version 1.9 solves the saving problem "

I'll see if this works, and report back, in case anyone else has this problem. I've searched around on Gamefaqs, and found no fix to it here, other than people yelling "It's your add-ons!" which seems to be the go-to scapegoat when anything bad occours.

User Info: 82xeno

6 years ago#4
That's odd, I had the same thing happen, couldn't manually save worth salt after drinking the potion. I actually just completed the quest, I didn't kill the dude as well, and left the building, everything was fine then. It's odd you are crashing no matter what you do.
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User Info: no1oblivionfan

6 years ago#5
The Vaermina quest in Dawnstar is bugged. It will cause you to crash upon saving. It is a known issue. However it should be fixed upon completing the quest and exiting the tower (I tried it last week and it worked.) If it doesn't work then load a save before you begin the Vaermina quest and complete it and only save once you exit the tower.

You could also save through the console (I believe it doesn't make you crash) the command is save <savename> (The name of the save can be anything.)
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User Info: pyro_bunta

6 years ago#6
Just finish the quest and you'll be able to save normally.
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