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  3. would deleting Skyrim and redownloading it clear all the mods in NMM?

User Info: Tyranthraxus

6 years ago#1
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User Info: cpg2

6 years ago#2
I think you have to manually uninstall/reinstall all the NMM mods... it's not good at noticing when a mod has been removed behind its back, unless the newest updates work differently than in the past.

User Info: Gazirra

6 years ago#3
What you may need to do is delete the leftover directory after Skyrim is uninstalled. Then, when it's re-installed, if you keep the NMM directories intact, you can simply re-run NMM and it'll keep your old mods intact.

When NMM reads your mods, they are in RAR or 7ZIP (or similar) format in the NMM directory. This also lets you back up your mod load or make your own compressed mod files

User Info: simsamsalabim

6 years ago#4
Using "delete local files' from steam I believe leaves the non-original files in the skyrim directory in tact, so you may have to manually delete what is left of the data folder afterwards. The mod files themselves would still be on your computer, they aren't stored in the skyrim folder. After reinstalling the game, you would have to open up NMM and tell it to install all of the mods again. You may have to delete NMM's load order files first. (everything in c:/games/nexus mod manager/skyrim/install info)

User Info: 82xeno

6 years ago#5

This is what I used, I deleted the mods from NMM as well. (Adjust accordingly if you have new DLC in there, like dragonborn or the third official texture pack).

Once this is done, and you thoroughly tested vanilla, and verified all the files through Steam, make a backup through Steam so you don't have to be bothered by downloading.

I used this process to move the game from my 2 TB HD to an SSD and it worked fine, the only downloading was getting my mods back through NMM. Luckily I only had about 15-20.
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User Info: AKFrost

6 years ago#6
to clear all the mods in the NMM, click "open NMM's install info folder" and then delete all the folders/files within.
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User Info: simsamsalabim

6 years ago#7
I'm guessing he's asking because he DOESN'T want to clear the mods out when reinstalling the game. Kinda hard to say though, it's a rather ambiguous question. He's asking because he either wants it to happen, or avoid it happening.

User Info: cpg2

6 years ago#8
New version of NMM has an "Uninstall all mods" option, so that will clear everything out and show them as uninstalled.

Won't delete them or anything, will just make it so you can re-install them again once you've cleared out your skyrim folder for whatever reason you want.

User Info: Tai_Le_Ree

6 years ago#9
go into your data folder and delete everything but the dlc esms and bsa, the skyrim - textures.bsa and things like it and the skyrim.esm and update.esm
Next delete everything in the base folder except the data folder and TESV.exe
Delete your skyrim folder in documents/games
Now verify the game catche, instead of a big download it will be a small one.
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  2. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
  3. would deleting Skyrim and redownloading it clear all the mods in NMM?
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