Do you guys ever wonder what went through the minds of Bethesda?

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  3. Do you guys ever wonder what went through the minds of Bethesda?

User Info: mistermikeymike

5 years ago#1
I mean Skyrim is a fun game and all but sometimes I wonder how a game designer would allow skyrim to be the way it is.

The perk tree and races are extremely boring. They add no gameplay whatsoever. 1h sword damage +100%? Well all it means is you swing your sword half the amount you usually do.

It seems like skyrim has extremely low amounts of reward for progress. this is noticeable in the radiant loot. the fact that any random scrub can just kill a couple dragons and have themselves a set of dragonbone.

You know how when you beat the super tough boss in other games. There is no sense of achievement in Skyrim I think. Not in the way other games have it. Beating the main story is whatever. Completing a dungeon isn't even really rewarding. Skyrim does not reward you for progress in game.

Skyrim only rewards you for levels. And that makes skyrim a grind if you make it about levels. And if you don't care about levels then the rather repetitive world will probably piss you off.

I think what makes Skyrim such a strong game is the fact that us being gamers, we like to achieve, and complete things. Skyrim offers infinite progression. There's always something we haven't done. It's addictive in the same way an MMO is addictive. I honestly think if they removed levels from skyrim you would be looking at a game most people might spend less than 10 hours on
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User Info: Vydden

5 years ago#2
My sense of achievement in Skyrim is when I have a map full of markers representing places I've been to.

User Info: Arjunta

5 years ago#3
I have been thinking that recently but for different reasons.

For starters, the marriage thing seems like an after thought.

The Civil War is grossly under utilized, no unscripted events, and the scripted events have you storming castles with four other guys, it is a joke.

And then skipping out on Dragon weapons until a DLC.

I guess I just expect better of Bethesda, I hold them to a high standard.
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User Info: MudShadow

5 years ago#4
What should be in the perk system then?. WHat else is there to do with a sword in an RPG besides do more damage/swing faster etc? Action RPGs and RPGs mostly come down to number crunching and maximizing damage.. That's what people enjoy about the genre.. They don't want fancy combat they want to grind and increase their characters damage and kill faster and then acquire better loot.

To build dragonbone armor the player needs 100 smithing so it's not exactly a matter of just picking up dragonbones and making dragonbone armor.

User Info: DCsharker

5 years ago#5
Welcome to "The Elder Scrolls" series. you must be new.

User Info: Stygian_Abyss

5 years ago#6

That's what went through the mind of bethesda.

User Info: Matty_G33

5 years ago#7
Bethesda should've taken pointers from Dark Messiah of Might and Magic. That game had decent combat, even though most of it did rely on using the environment to your advantage (knock down that post, kick an enemy into spikes, etc) you still had to be very careful to not get killed in so few hits.

Skills in that game also gave players new abilities entirely. The only downside is that certain gear requires certain skills, etc.
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User Info: Gespenst0Kick

5 years ago#8
Remember back when it was difficult to get a full set of Daedric armor and weapons?

User Info: Spacefrisian

5 years ago#9
Yep confirmed, the marriage system was an afterthought, and not much work was put in it. Tod said so himself.
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User Info: bshwalker

5 years ago#10
Irreally believe that in order to get the game out on the promised 11/11/11, they left a lot of stuff unfinished or not in the game game at all.
Bards College. Why is that even in the game? It offers absolutely nothing and is really a waste of time.
Marriage. See above.
If you browse the ck, you'll see a lot of stuff that was unused. If you try to activate some of them, they don't work.
Fatigue is one example and crossbows are another.
The DLC seems to be just implementation of things that should have been in the vanilla game, didn't make the 11/11/11 deadline and was thrown in later.

I think Beth was thinking, "Get it out on time!" and nothing else.
Took a few months to get the ck out!
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  3. Do you guys ever wonder what went through the minds of Bethesda?

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