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User Info: blackhrt

4 years ago#161
Yeah, the sticky here needs updating.

Some things have been altered (exploits, etc)

Also there needs to be a FAQ for missable items.
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User Info: Doomerang

4 years ago#162
I'll probably need help with updating then. Anyone willing to assist?
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User Info: blackhrt

4 years ago#163
I don't know how much I can help as I'm still playing my 1st blind playthrough.

The only beginner addition I can make is:
Yes you can setup your character many ways. However, you're going to get your block and archery skill up the easy way or learn a hard lesson if you don't.... :P

If you want an easier time with enemies early on, better get those alchemy ingredients & don't hold back on spending time to get as many of them as you can either. having 9 paralysis potions WILL come in handy when you may least expect it.

Putting a list of the free trainers first (like Angi).
"I live my life 3 videogames at a time. Nothing else matters. Not the mortgage, not my clan and their BS. For those 3 games or less, I'm free."
A little late but thanks tc, mad helpful!
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User Info: smd372

2 years ago#166
If Dark Elf and doing Diplomatic Immunity, use Thalmor hooded robes and Thalmor Boots and Thalmor gloves
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Late to the party, but here I go, apologies in advance for any repetition:

1) Consider what you like. If you like a classic sword-n-board, then Block and One-Handed are for you; if you like using a bow, then Archery is a must.
As for armor, you can make it simple (what looks good), or decide if you want to Sneak as a go-to; if yes, then Light Armor, if no, then Heavy Armor.

2) At this point it should be common knowledge, in that there really isn't a maximum level now that you can "reset" a skill (gaining back perk points) so you can level that skill "again", but by the time you reach Level 50 you will arguably have everything you're looking for.

3) When you finish the intro, a solid start to the rest of the game is continue to Riverwood, then proceed to Whiterun up to the point of your revelation as the Dragonborn.
From there, follow your instincts. If you can't stand the sight of unfinished side-quests, do those.
If you just want to get yelled at by a bunch of old men, then book it to the Throat of the World.
Or head for the mountaintop, stopping at every cave and crevice you find.

4) If memory serves, dragons start showing up around level 10, assuming you've discovered that you're the Dragonborn.

5) As stated in the OP, the carriages outside major cities offer cheap travel to all major settlements in Skyrim, it's well worth the total of 300 gold to get quick access to these focal points.

6) Level-scaling is fairly intuitive. All areas factor in your level when entering for the first time, and adjust accordingly. In addition, most enemies/NPC's have a level "range" allowing them to grow with you up to a point.
Some enemies have a "locked" level, so can be either incredibly difficult or ridiculously easy.
Even so, this is a loose approximation; I make no assumptions here.

7) The all-important question; some quests almost BEG you to explore, where others will directly tell you where to go.
The relative uniqueness of Skyrim's leveling system is that you get better at doing things by doing them, rather than gaining an arbitrary amount of "EXP" (I'm not knocking that, both systems have merit and exist for a reason)
One thing I've discovered is that "exploring" often yields improvements in your combat abilities, because you'll undoubtedly find enemies to vanquish; whereas "questing" will provide opportunities for utility abilities. Of course, that's in no way restrictive, and often a player will take down-time between quests or exploring to sell any loot they don't want or manufacturing a glut of iron daggers to boost the ever-praised Smithing skill.

I've never played Morrowind or Oblivion, so I wouldn't know of features changed/removed.

Bears, Giants, and Sabertooths hurt more than Dragons because of a few reasons:
- Dragons more often attack villages, meaning you have the village guards leaping into action. This means that they're filling the menace with arrows, or at least giving the dragon something else to breathe at.
- By that same token, you more often encounter those other three when you're on your own, in the middle of nowhere, and even if a bear tries to rearrange your face next to a guard outpost, the guards may not necessarily come to your aid.

I don't know of any sidequests that "break" the main story.

Companions are really up to personal preference. Horses are good for mountain-climbing.

Vampires and Werewolves are scary, and you can become one too! You can only become one or the other, and either way it requires you to contract the disease from someone already affected by it.
They have the same idea as any other enemy in the game, given that they can be incredibly difficult or ridiculously easy.
They are more quest-specific, so if you have any aversion to encountering them it's fairly easy to avoid them on the whole.

User Info: blackhrt

2 years ago#168
Well, that is partly true in Skyrim. But in addition to Sabrecats that can ninja gaiden you, you also have to deal with 3 man mage death squads that can take you & your friend down if you are wandering around not paying attention.

If you hold onto the dragonstone, dragons wont show up. so if you feel you need to get any alchemy stuff or armor or whatever, do it before you give the stone to the wizard guy.
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User Info: TaikaJamppa

2 years ago#169
Since Dawnguard, becoming vampire or werewolf is much more useful. Just take a look at Elder scrolls wiki on the subject. Best info I've found.
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User Info: Lonewolf80

1 year ago#170
That's useful information, thank you very much.
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