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User Info: St_Griever

8 years ago#1
anyone know an easy place to get an amulet of talos? any other ways to reduce the shout cool down time?

User Info: blackchalice666

8 years ago#2
solitude off the body of roggvir but you lose it if you talk to his widow cause its for a quest

but the quest will take any amulet of talos i think so if you find a second one your golden

User Info: iamsooty

8 years ago#3
1) Loot from the guy they execute when you first solitude
2) When you exit Ironbind Barrow after clearing it, look around at the mountain peak it puts you at. It should be lying around on a statue inbetween two chests.

Then again these may have been randomly placed for me. So I dunno.
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