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  3. Werewolf cure bug (Spoilers)

User Info: chufa

8 years ago#1
So at the end of the Companions quest line I decided to get the werewolf cure since at my level I was already more powerful in human form anyway. Well, it seems the cure is bugged.

(Spoilers ahead)

I put the witch head in, fought my wolf phantom, and got the cure. The wolf form in my spell inventory is gone. But I still can't get my well-rested bonus when I sleep, and people in towns still say werewolfy things like "you got hair coming out of your ears" or "you smell like a wet dog".

Is this a bug, or am I supposed to retain some werewolf attributes?
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User Info: Undead587

8 years ago#2
I no longer get well-rested, either.

I assume it's a bug. This is especially annoying since not getting well-rested is the main drawback to being a werewolf. Now I've lost the pros and kept the cons :(.

User Info: TychoDurandal

8 years ago#3
I did some research for you and found this on another forum:


1st post...

I had trouble with curing my characters lycanthropy because of questline bugs. Google search didn't provide a quick and easy solution so I found one for myself.

player.setstage F6090 100

If this doesn't work, try the following:

1. player.setstage F6090 0
2. Save the game
3. Quit to main menu
4. Load the game you just saved
5. player.setstage F6090 100

Alternatively you can replace steps 2 through 4 by leaving your current cell (entering another room)

2nd post...

Try this:

setstage F6090 0

*save and exit to main menu and load the same savegame*

setstage F6090 100

It looks as if you've been hit by a small memory error, having the cure quest fail to actually cure your lycanthropy. the setstage F6090 100 probably didnt wrok for you because after curing yourself in game the stage was already set to 100 and the setstage command always checks the current stage before apply'ing and cancels all action if current = target.

Hope it helped.

edit: Test results by sleeping. The flags and counters used in the stats screen are not as reliable and don't affect real gameplay.

Some people posted that they had to change their stone power to make it update as well. Since console commands don't lock out achievements, using this to fix the bug should not cause any problems with that aspect, and this should cause no other effects than curing the lycanthropy.

Edit, if you have issues, the link at the top is the whole thread where I got the info from. They might have some other fixes, honestly I only read the pertinent parts at the top ;)
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  3. Werewolf cure bug (Spoilers)
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