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  3. Should I use Bound Bow or Nightingale Bow?

User Info: tom20_05

8 years ago#1
Nightingale does 38 damage, freezes the target for 20 points and shocks for 10. Is the enchantment on the Nightingale worth using over the Bound Bow's base damage?

Not sure how skills scale Bound Bow damage but, my Conjuration is 47 and Archery is 78.

User Info: nishnarsh123

8 years ago#2
If i am not mistaken, bound bow does use your archery skill to boost its' damage along with a perk in the conjuration tree. It also makes a lot of noise when you create it. If stealth is your thing you might want to go with the nightingale bow or spend some time with illusion to get a perk that allows silent casting.... but the bound bow is very stylish. The end decision is up to you.
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User Info: Frostmere

8 years ago#3
if you have silent casting, bound bow for sure!

User Info: Kaiboraz

8 years ago#4
If you're a decent smith you can probably get the Nightingale bow to out damage the Bound Bow.

IIRC A Bound bow the the Mystic Binding perk is about equal to a Daedric Bow, but fires much faster and always has Daedric quality arrows. However if you have the Ebony smithing and Arcane Blacksmith perks you can increase the damage significantly to the Nightingale bow.

Some other things to consider are:
Bound bow will never lack for ammo
Bound bow will attract enemies when cast unless you have the quiet casting perk
(too late for you but...) Nightingale bow is a leveled reward
Nightingale bow is able to use Dragonbone arrows if Dawnguard DLC is installed

So my recommendation, if you are following the smithing tree Nightingale, if not Bound Bow.
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User Info: tom20_05

8 years ago#5
Thankyou for the replies !

User Info: Prodrivertn

8 years ago#6
I'm playing an archer now. I used the Nightingale bow for awhile. I went back to my fire enchanted improved Dwarven bow. It just seemed to have more punch. I've not used the bound bow with this character yet. I just don't have the perks to put in magic yet.

User Info: Mayus_Black

8 years ago#7
You can use dragonbone arrows with the Bound Bow as well, you just have to equip them, but this will banish your bound arrows.

I prefer just dual casting bound bow, with its enhanced speed and daedric level damage, it is beyond beastly with the right perks.

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  3. Should I use Bound Bow or Nightingale Bow?
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