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  3. A post patch 1.2 (maybe patch 1.1) overpowering alchemy glitch

User Info: FloppyCannon

8 years ago#1
I have discover a "legitimate" alchemy glitch that is so overpower that makes the old alchemy/enchanting loops and Oghma Infinium glitch look docile.

So be warn, if you don't like being overpower, using glitch, like to complain/debate about other people using glitch, have no self control, don't read any further.

Glitch description start-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The glitch/exploit involve drinking multiple fortify restoration potions, wearing fortify alchemy equipment and create ungodly overpowering equipment in less than 10 minutes with very little starting material.

This glitch was done using 100 in both alchemy/enchanting, but it can be done with no skill/perk in alchemy and enchanting.

First, credit goes to l2pn and his youtube channel for giving me the foundation idea for discover this glitch.

So there I was watching a skyrim Enhancement State Glitch video, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=32WJjgcO_eE, by l2pn.

Where l2pn shows that by drinking a fortify restoration potion and un-equipping/equipping dark brother hood armor, he can increases the disease resistance by 40% and increases the fortifying effect duration to something ridiculous like 26,000 hours. So while the duration increases is nice, but the real kicker is the skill increase.

Since the game consider any fortify skill effect from either armor or potion as a restoration spell effect. That means all fortify skill effect can be enhance by drinking a fortify restoration potion first.

For example, if you drunk a +130% fortify restoration potion first before you drink fortify enchanting potion, you can upgrade the standard max-out +32% fortify enchanting to a monstrous magnitude of +73.6%!

But it’s not over yet, the effect of a fortify restoration potion can be enhance by another fortify restoration potion and thus creating an infinite alchemy loop. This means each successive fortify restoration potion you chugged gets more and more powerful.

So to test my theory, I created and drunk like 5-10 fortify restoration potions using 100 skill alchemy and all the appropriate perks.

The first fortify effect goes 130%, ~500% for the second one, ~900% for the third one, ~3,000% for the fourth one, ~26,000% for the fifth potion. At the end of the session, I have like ~+3 million % fortify restoration effect.

By wearing the standard 29%x4 fortify alchemy suit while I was drinking the potion, I was able to have +19,000 % alchemy skills! from each piece of my alchemy suit.

From the total of +76,000 % alchemy, I was able to create +5,000 % fortify enchanting potion, 85,000 % blacksmith potion and paralysis poison that last 999 seconds.

Using the +5,000% enchanting potion, I created a new alchemy suit with +22,000% alchemy & blacksmithing skill on every single piece.

So you can see where i'm going with this.

I did this on PS3 for both patch 1.1 and patch 1.2, both seems to work fine.

To do this glitch you need some fortify restoration ingredients (abcean fish & salt pile, all pretty common stuff), at least 1 fortify alchemy armor and some low level soul gem to create the first iteration of ungodly fortify alchemy gear.

Follow the l2pn's youtube instruction and drink multiple fortify restoration potions beforehand. Then you should able to create potion of ungodly magnitude.

After the first iteration gear is created, you can just create some overpower potion that sells for like 54,000 gold to purchase stuff to disenchant (or buy more ingredient). This should level up your alchemy/speechcraft insanely fast (even more insane than other equivalent method).

With this exploit, you can potentially do no leveling, no perk playthrough on master difficulty and still having no problem one shot every thing and take no damage.

alright, i'm going to sleep, happy glitching.

User Info: xenmind

8 years ago#2
Wow... Well done. I'll have to read this again when I'm sober to completely understand it
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User Info: Gary500

8 years ago#3
WOW, I thought the old loops got me the best armor and weapon stats...but how useful will this truly be? I can already one shot most enemies on Master...with this it'll be every enemy...

User Info: Gary500

8 years ago#4
Actually never mind, this is ingenious for saving perks and increasing armor rating...

User Info: Centur1on

8 years ago#5
Just tested this. This is amazing.
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User Info: TrenchcoatFlash

8 years ago#6
this is epic. and I'm not exaggerating. thank you tc. this is beyond awesome.
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User Info: SkrallRampager

8 years ago#7
oh my.......
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User Info: DrkangelBTC

8 years ago#8
So many perks I could have saved..... So many....

Bro that is insane.
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User Info: omegaura423

8 years ago#9
im not to great with utilizing things like this but im sorta confused lol. i have a 11% potions on a helm and i use a 40% resto potion which makes it 15% then i make another one and now the resto potion is 56% i believe. but i cant seem to go any higher. im obviously missing something. any help would be great thanks. and sorry in advance if im making an obvious mistake lol
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User Info: GoatJugSoup

8 years ago#10
Judging from comments this works, can anyone summarize or is it necessary to read the whole post
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