List your most Epic Death Blows.

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  3. List your most Epic Death Blows.

User Info: 3_iverson_3

6 years ago#1
Outside of Riften a dragon appeared. Horses and guards surrounded the dragon and i moved in to slash its face with dual wielded swords. Finished it off by climbing on its head and slashing away until the dragon was no more. Truly badass!
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User Info: Big_Pecks

6 years ago#2

Had a death scene in the first dragon encounter with the exact same finisher.

User Info: Banchou-kun

6 years ago#3
Mages guild quest, find the 3 stolen books. Let the dude out of the cell, he thanked me and offered to go with me, i told em to get out of my face or i might kill him. He said he hoped the Caller would turn me inside out, tapped R1, bam Beheaded him.

User Info: SaintZetsu

6 years ago#4
Stabbed Grelog the kind in the stomach and she flew across the room while the children cheered.
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  3. List your most Epic Death Blows.

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