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User Info: Joolsy

7 years ago#1
Please post your favorite Perks so far and the reason why;

Please use the following format;

(The examples given are purely for examples sake)

Skill: Archery
Perk; Eagle Eye
Reason: As a sneak Archer I can one-shot targets from miles away

I think it will help others with choosing what to spend their precious Perk points on and just interesting to see what other players are choosing anyway.

Thanks in advance to those who participate.
~ Ye Olde Schule ~

User Info: Joolsy

7 years ago#2

No-one picked up any Perks they think are just the Nuts?
~ Ye Olde Schule ~

User Info: insanity920

7 years ago#3
being an archer i absolutey agree with you : )

User Info: toadieman

7 years ago#4
I'm liking the one handed perk where you have a chance to decapitate people. I'm using a mace and I'm somehow decaping people. lol It's so funny.

User Info: Joolsy

7 years ago#5
Thanks, although to be honest I just picked a Perk at random as an example.

I was hoping some people would post some of the Perks that they have picked up themselves and think are great so that others can benefit form their experiences.

Looks like a failed attempt though.

Some you win...

I may have spoken too soon... I hope... thanks for the feedback so far.

Anyone else?
~ Ye Olde Schule ~

User Info: RevLoki13

7 years ago#6
Favorites thus far:

Skill: Destruction
Perk: Improved Fire damage (can't recall name)
Why: This, when added with dual casting and cheaper adept level spells, is quite a bit of fun with fireball. It kills most things quickly, and is especially useful against dragons. I am sure this logic applies to any of the adept level elemental spells/augments.

User Info: Viewtiful_Bro

7 years ago#7
Skill: Destruction

Perk: Destruction Dual-Casting

HeartGold FC
Drew - 4555 2146 5255

User Info: Joolsy

7 years ago#8
Awesome guys, thank you.

That's exactly the sort of tips I was hoping for.

Anyone else got any favorites so far?
~ Ye Olde Schule ~

User Info: zegram33

7 years ago#9
conjuration, the bound weapon range
increased damage, auto soul binding, and auto banishing?
just too funny NOT to get
especially with the black star from azuras quest, can banish a summoners summon in one swipe, then kill them and take there sould to power my magical stuff

User Info: Nikore

7 years ago#10
I like this topic.

Skill: Destruction
Perk: Impact
Reason: This allows most dual casting spells to stagger an enemy. Boss/dragon fights are much easier, especially with a companion. Just keep dual casting firebolt while your companion wails away.

Skill: Enchanting
Perk: Extra Effect
Reason: This allows you to put 2 enchantments on one item. I actually haven't unlocked this yet, but enchanting is very useful once you level it up, so I imagine this will make an very useful skill twice as effective.
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