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I have been playing FO76 the last six months or so, but thought I would return to Skyrim for the AE. Though I didn’t upgrade the full AE because I kept seeing horror stories about crashes and save losses. I am playing on a Series S and use a lot of mods. Had a few issues at first but disabled some mods, just a few, and so far all is good.

I really want to get in a good play through this time. The kind I always wanted to but never did or finished. For instance the time lapse would be realistic. Like it will take several days to walk from Riverwood to Whiterun. Or hours to make a few potions instead of a few seconds. Things like that. I am using the Ineed mod, Frostfall and camping mods for my survival mode. Where I have to eat, sleep etc and can freeze to death. Just trying to make this run as realistic as possible.

My character is a Nord named Sven Tiler-Fist who is shunned by family and friends after he announces his dream to become a bard (using that mod also) instead of going off to join the Stormcloaks. He lands in Riverwood where he begins his new and seemingly quiet life. All the while unaware of the destiny and adventure which await him.

I would often write a character journal as I played and even sometimes posted them here years ago. Not sure how many of my friends still visit here. I was on hiatus for a long time myself. Anyway, besides the fact I just enjoy writing, I would keep these RPs for my game to not only add another layer of immersion but getting invested in writing a journal for your character also helped avoid the temptation to restart every 20-40 hours because you suddenly decided to play it differently.

I have been keeping one for Sven and, out of a sense of nostalgia, thought about posting it like back in the day. Just taking a pulse to see how busy this board still is and how many might be interested in following some of Sven’s story.

any of the old gang still out there?

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Olld-Onne 1 month ago#2
Could be a short story if the dragonborn just ignores Sven to get free archer training from Faendal. Kill him, Kill him now.
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sconekiller 1 month ago#3
Always felt sorry for Faendal (except when he’d get a case of the slows and always be late to the fight!). He goes off to war with you, often gets left dead in some dreary dungeon, and doesn’t even get the girl if you give him an early retirement.

of course, if you don’t rescue him, there’s a good chance he spends the rest of his days being nagged by Camilla because he didn’t return the Golden Claw
AflockOfHippies 1 month ago#4
17 Last Seed,

Finally made Riverwood today. It was quite the long journey getting here, but for the most part an uneventful one. Not that that is a bad thing, mind you, what with the war going on and all. The less eventful the better, you know.

Riverwood is not an especially large town, a bit small actually, but I suppose I can make do here well enough for the time. There is a mill here that I can probably find some work at, along with an inn and a general store. Not much to speak of beyond that.

I found Leafrest just as I was told I was. The home is larger and fancier than I thought it would be, but that is in no way a bad thing. It is a nice home and seems cozy enough. The place once belonged to my uncle Hofnir, on my mother’s side. He died from a Frostbite attack what, two years back now. He managed to kill the spider and survived the initial bite, but died two whole days later the from the venom the potions didn’t take care of. He left the home to my mother but she never shared this knowledge with my brother or father. She never told me why, exactly.

Speaking of which, my brother, Jon, is off fighting in the war for the Stormcloaks. To be honest, I am not sure where he is or if he is even still alive. The last letter we received said he was heading out for Darkwater Crossing. Said he was with Ulfric himself. Haven’t heard from him since though. My brother and I have never seen eye-to-eye about many things, but I still wish him no harm and hope he is well.

My father? Well, that man is a story in and of itself, I suppose. He is what one might call a Nord’s Nord. Honor, prowess in battle, and the ability to drink endless amounts of ale. All the things that make a Nord a Nord, well, that would be him. He fought in the Great War and has never been able to let those memories go along with his hatred of any and all things Elven.

He raised my brother and I to be the same as him: a skilled fighter and soldier. Seemed like all he ever did was train us to be some great Nord warriors since we were both knee-high to a Frost Troll. I recall having a battle ax shoved in my hands before I could even properly lift the thing off the ground. He always warned us that a new war with the Elves was coming and that we needed to be ready to heed the call of the Empire when the time arrived.

Well, that was before the Empire sold out Skyrim to those same Elves he was so worried about. As you might imagine, my father was none too happy when he heard about that little piece of news. Nor was my brother, whose sole purpose in life seemed to be to please our father. That was why he so eagerly enlisted with the Stormcloaks and went off to fight without entertaining a second thought about it.

While it may be true that I have never been nearly as religious as my father, I still did not agree with the Empire on this matter. Letting the Elves dictate who we can and cannot worship. That they allowed such a thing to happen was something the old man just could not stomach. Said that it was not just an insult to all Nords, but especially so to our family. He always claimed that Septim blood ran in our family, but no one ever really believed those claims, as he never could show solid proof of such lineage. Not even his own family believed it to be so. Except for maybe my brother, that is.

Our father would go on and on about how his sons were destined to be some great Nord warriors. Saviors of Skyrim and whatnot. That was why he trained us so relentlessly in the ways of combat like he did. So you can see why he didn’t take it too well when I told him I wanted to be a Bard instead.Once he saw he could not convince me to take up arms like Jon, he disowned me and exiled me from both the family farm and the family name. My mother, not daring to challenge him, pulled me to the side when she could and told me about Leafrest and that I should come here to Riverwood. So, here I am.

But I suppose I have rattled on long enough about family matters. I am here now and time to start my own life on my own terms. I found this empty journal here in the bedroom and decided to give it some use like the rest of the home. Now that I have gotten unpacked and settled, I think I will have some meat and bread for my mid-day meal. After that then I will mosey on over to the inn and learn what I can about Riverwood and the people here.
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AflockOfHippies 1 month ago#5
18 Last Seed

Today was my first full day here in Riverwood. There really isn’t much to the town. There is the mill, as I’ve mentioned before. It is run by a grizzled-looking Nord named Hod. Ran into him on the street just outside the blacksmith’s place. Seems like a nice enough fellow. Very friendly. Offered me some work at his mill chopping firewood and the like. Said he couldn’t offer a lot but that it would be honest pay for honest work. I only have about 200 gold as it is, so I may take him up on it if I can’t find means of work elsewhere. It’s not like I haven’t chopped my fair share of wood before.

I gave a nod to the blacksmith when I passed by, but haven’t stopped by to formally introduce myself yet. Looks to be a family man from all the kids running around. The girl seems nice and friendly, but the boy seems to be something of a brat.

Then we have Lucan and his sister Camille. They run the local general store here, the Riverwood Trader. Stopped by to do a little shopping earlier and pick up some supplies that I needed. Most of the folks here are Nord, from what I have been able to tell, but Lucan and his sister are Bretons. It is a small store, much like the town, but he did have a few, good items for sell. Prices seemed a bit high though. He told me they had recently been robbed, but the thieves only took one thing: a Golden Claw. His sister, Camille, seems convinced they are hiding out at some old barrows you can see on the mountain side from here. Lucan offered me a sum of gold if I got his claw back, but can’t say I’m really much of an adventurer and most assuredly not a mercenary of any sort. Though I suppose such an experience could make for a good song.

Most of the afternoon I spent over at the Sleeping Giant. That’s the inn here in Riverwood. Looks like your typical inn, warm and cozy. There is already a bard performing there, his name is Sven as well, can you imagine that, but can’t say I care much for him from first introductions. Seems a bit smug and too sure of himself for my liking. Can play the lute and sing well enough, I suppose, but does have trouble with the higher notes. Somehow I don’t think he was ever a member of the college I heard about in Solitude. Hope to make it there myself someday.

The owner of the Sleeping Giant appears to be a Nord by the name of Orgnar. A bit grumpy but friendly enough. At least I think he is the owner. Could be a lady name Delphine, as well. She seemed to have a say in all the goings-on of the inn as well as the one to see if I wanted to rent a room. Not sure what their relationship is, working or otherwise, but Orgnar did say I could perform there whenever I liked. So, nice to know the other Sven doesn’t have a solid claim to the place. The inn here is just as good as any to start my career.

Been back home for the past couple of hours. Still learning more about my late uncle’s home. There is both an enchanting table as well as an alchemy workstation that came with the place. Can’t say I know anything about enchanting, but I have dabbled a bit when it comes to making a potion or two. I only know the recipe for a handful of basic potions, and I can’t vouch for their quality, but I know how to handle a mortar and pestle well enough to get by if needs be. There are plenty of ingredients around the woods here so maybe I could mix up a potion or two for some extra gold.

While I can’t say things went exactly the way I had hoped or planned, what with my family and all, I think everything might just be alright. It will be getting dark soon and the moons are supposed to be full tonight, so I think I will walk down to the bridge, smoke some Nirnroot and enjoy the sights.

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AflockOfHippies 1 month ago#6
19 Last Seed,

My second full day here in Riverwood has come and gone. It was a good day. Started early with a hardy breakfast of salmon, bread and a rather delicious sweet roll. After that I moseyed on over to the mill to take Hod up on his offer to earn some gold. Other than the time I took for lunch down by the river, I spent most of the day chopping wood and working the saw loading logs and whatnot.

It was hard work, no doubt about that, but I am no stranger to hard work. I was raised on a farm so when my father wasn’t training us in the finer arts of warfare, we were busy at work in the fields. The gold was fair enough for a day’s wages and Hod told me I could work whenever I like for as long or as short as I like. There were no expectations other than I work hard when I do show up.

After that I returned home and bathed and dressed in some fresh, finer clothes. Needed to look sharp when I went over to the Sleeping Giant to perform a few songs on my lute. Can’t say the other Sven cares too much for me muscling in on his time, and I suppose I would feel the same. Doesn’t mean I am going to stop though. Riverwood may be a small town, but I think it can handle more than one bard.

Thing is, it is mostly the same songs that we both know and play. And while a new voice might hold some appeal, it doesn’t change the fact that folks are hearing the same few songs over-and-over. No doubt they are already tired of most of them even before I showed up. That’s why I’ve been thinking I should write some of my own songs. Create some new, fresh material and a sound unlike they have heard before.

But to write songs, one needs inspiration. The words, chords and ideas just do not come to you in your sleep, you know. Believe you me, I wish they did. While Riverwood is a charming place to put down roots, it is not exactly full of adventure and experiences worthy of song.I suppose I could head up to Bleak Falls Barrow and see about getting Lucan his Golden Claw back, but not sure I am up to that sort of danger just for a few, good lyrics. Despite what my father might think and say, I am no coward. I can handle myself well enough in a fight, without or without a sword in my hand. What he failed to understand was that I simply did not want to fight in this war. Only neither my father or my brother could understand that I just did not feel it to be my cause.

Oh well, I will give all that more thought come tomorrow. It may have been a good day, but it was also a tiring one. Think I will turn in a little early tonight and hit the mill again tomorrow. The house here is nice and has a great many amenities, but it didn’t come supplied with food and other essentials. I arrived in town with less than 300 gold and some of that I have already spent on food and such. As far as other belongings, I came here only with what I could carry in the pack on my back. This new life of mine will truly be a fresh start.

20 Last Seed

Not much to write about today. Woke early and worked another full day at the mill loading logs and chopping wood. The work is hard but it helps me think. Not to mention, the manner in which our father raised us, a hard day’s work is nothing new for me.

I did run into this Wood Elf named Faendal that works at the mill as well. I’ve seen him around a time or two but we never really spoke until today. He was a bit vague about the whole matter, but seems to have some sort of issue with Sven, the other bard. Told me I’d do well to stay away from him. Not sure what Faendal’s beef with Sven is, but can’t say I care much for the man myself. Just something about him that rubs me the wrong way.

Speaking of which, he was over at the Sleeping Giant performing when I stopped in to pick up some food for lunch. Was only there for a short while but looks like he’s still playing the same half-dozen songs or so. I could tell some folks were growing weary hearing the same old tunes again and again. I did head back over to the Sleeping Giant after I finished at the mill, went home and bathed and ate a good meal. I played a few songs, one or two not in Sven’s repertoire, but the fact remains I could use some new material of my own. Just need to find some inspiration, is all.

I did tell Hod that I wouldn’t be working the mill tomorrow. No, I think tomorrow I will venture out into the forests around here and see what kind of ingredients I can find. I believe I mentioned in an earlier entry of this journal that my new home came with an alchemy workstation. There was only a handful of old ingredients left behind, and most of those are no longer good for making potions. Can’t say mixing potions has ever been one of my strong suits. Our father taught us a few basic recipes for healing and whatnot, but when it came to such skills, smithing was where he had us focus. Said smithing was the Nord way more than making potions. Said that was mostly for Elves and milk-drinking Bretons.

There is an encyclopedia here which list most of the known ingredients, and the various recipes they can be used in. So, I figure maybe I could stock up on whatever ingredients I could find and try my hand at making up some potions and tonics. Perhaps if I could get a few good ones down I could sell them over at the Riverwood trader. Might be more gold in that than working the mill all day. Would definitely be easier.

Suppose we will see how tomorrow goes.
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AflockOfHippies 1 month ago#7
21 Last Seed

There was a slight change of plan for the day. I had set my sights on exploring the area for ingredients for my alchemy endeavors, but instead I have settled on a much different course. I have decided to make my way up to Bleak Falls Barrow and see about getting that claw back for Lucan. I made him no promises and not sure if I can get the thing back or not.

There is the chance that the bandits who took the claw aren’t even there anymore. Still, I have been feeling rather restless for the past couple of days. Not sure why, but I am sure it is the kind of restlessness that can’t be cured by picking flowers or chopping wood alone.

There was an old set of Nordic armor my uncle left behind along with some Nordic weapons. They were still in fairly decent shape, but I gave the blades a good turn on the grind wheel to sharpen them up. I didn’t get quite the early start I was hoping, but after packing all the supplies I thought I might need, I headed out just before mid-day.

The weather has been pleasant though it did start to snow the further I got up the mountain. Ran into a lone wolf a little ways up. Came running at me out from behind a tree. Only took one, maybe two swings of my war ax to dispatch the beast and it fell rather easily. Wish I could say the same for the frost troll waiting for me further up the trail.

Fortunately, I caught sight of it before it did me and managed to put an arrow or two into the monster before it charged. It did get in a few good swipes at me, but my uncle’s armor held up surprisingly well. While not as easy as the wolf, I did eventually get the better of it.

Cleaned it for some fat, but left the meat. Have had troll meat once or twice before, but never really developed a taste for the stuff. Too chewy. Seemed to swell up in your mouth as you went. Even with salt, the flavor was just lacking. A bit nasty even, to tell the truth.Made a fire and took a quick rest after my battle. Had to give time for the healing potion to work and eat a bite. Hiked on for a couple more hours after that until reaching an abandoned watch tower about half-way up the mountain. I say abandoned even though there were a small group of bandits camping out at the place.

I had hoped to pass by unfettered and just leave them be, but once they saw me they gave me little choice but to engage. Now, I can’t say just how long they had been in the trade, being bandits that is, but they were not very skilled when it came to battle.I have to admit, my father may be more thick-headed than a giant, but he trained my brother and I well. There were only three of them, but they each fell to my blade with a surprising ease. I had rather not had to fight at all, but as I said, they left me with no choice.

It wasn’t the first time I have had to kill. There was a group of bandits that attacked the farm about three years ago. My father and brother killed their share, no doubt about that, but two took their last breath at my hand. Killing is not something I enjoy, but Skyrim can be a harsh and unforgiving land full of all sorts of threats and dangers. It is often a case of kill or be killed, and one cannot be squeamish about doing what it takes to survive. Well, that is unless they just have a wish to see Sovngarde sooner rather than later.

Anyway, I made camp myself here at the tower for the night. It was starting to get dark and the wind was picking up. Made a nice fire to keep the chill at bay and set up my tent. Going to eat and then get some sleep. Plan on getting an early start in the morning with the hopes of reaching Bleak Falls by mid-day.

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AflockOfHippies 1 month ago#8
22 Last Seed

Made Bleak Falls right when I planned. Well, I may have been off by a few minutes, but it was close enough. The snow was blowing pretty hard by the time I reached the creepy-looking barrow and it was hard to see all that clearly. It was colder than I expected as well. And I’m a Nord. We live in the cold. We are used to the cold. But this…I don’t know…just seemed unusually frigid. Could have just been my nerves, I suppose.

There were three bandits standing guard outside. Not sure if the ones down at the watchtower were from the same group, but they sure fought like they were. Charged right at me while I was pointing my bow straight at them. And, well, it doesn’t take the knowledge of a Divine to know how that worked out for them.

It was warmer inside the barrow, but not by much. Though it was much darker. And the smell. Don’t think I will ever get that stench out of my nose. It was the smell of death…and something else. Something even worse. There were two more bandits standing around a fire not far in but they were so distracted by their own conversation they didn’t even know I was there until they were both heavy an arrow.

Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I enjoy killing. Not at all. The whole notion that I wish to be a bard and not some famed, Nord warrior should attest to that. I am a peaceful man by nature. But, as I said before, when it comes to the harsh land that is Skyrim, one must do what one must do to stay alive themselves. Besides, Skyrim has too many Bandits as it is, especially now with the war on, so getting rid of a few is not a bad thing.

The barrow stretched on a bit after that. Fortunately, the new residents had torches lit ever-so-often, so it wasn’t as difficult to see my way around as I expected it to be. Came across a few skeevers going down some stairs, but the stairs wrapped around I didn’t see them until they were right on me. One managed to get in a bite where the armor was lacking. Hurt like Oblivion, no doubt about that. Took its head off with my war ax and then drank a cure disease potion just in case. Nasty critters, those skeevers.

Came across a lone bandit and was about to sneak up behind him with my dagger, but turns out this group is as dumb as they are inept with a sword. He was trying to get through a closed gate and turned the lever before aligning the stones to match the symbols etched in the rocks. While this may be the first actual barrow I have been in, every Nord knows the stories about places such as this. Including some of the puzzles and tests our ancestors left behind to keep out those not worthy.

I aligned the stones and made my way through. Thought it was going pretty easy, all things considered, but that was when I ran into all the Draugr. The Draugr was one of those stories I mentioned, but never saw a live one until today. Well, if you want to call them alive. More un-dead, I suppose.Whatever they are, there were a lot of them and they were none-too-happy with me for disturbing their rest. I have to say that was the most intense battle I have ever had to fight in and, to be honest, I am quite surprised I am still alive. I left the victor but with a few scrapes and bruises and a tired arm from all the ax swinging and blocking I had to do.

After that, I somehow made my way unscathed through some swinging blades, and was sure to turn them off once through in case I had to made a quick retreat back that way. The barrow has turned out to be much larger than I anticipated and I carried on another ways after that before coming across a whole bunch of webbing all over the place. There was a Frostbite somewhere lurking around. That was how my uncle died and not a way I wanted to go myself.

I could hear someone yelling, and from the sounds of it, he was about to be spider food himself. I followed his voice and cut my way through some thick webbing only to see the largest spider in my life come lowering down from its hole in the ceiling. Not going to lie, it was a chilling sight to behold and I may have even peed in my armor a little bit at the sight of it. I really hate spiders. There was no way I was going to stand toe-to-toes with such a beast so I retreated outside its lair and got it a shot with the bow when I could until it finally fell dead. The room was filled with eggs and I was praying they didn’t decide to start hatching right about then.

The bandit was tied up pretty good in a cocoon of webbing, but I chopped it away until he could wiggle free. Of course, all the promises of reward he claimed while wound up were a pack of lies. He took off running as soon as he landed on his feet, but as I expected that to be the case, I was ready for it and caught up with him right away. There was a brief struggle but he fell pretty easy. Found Lucan’s claw on him as well as a journal saying how the claw unlocks some kind of treasure.

I considered turning back, seeing as how I had the claw, but something, I can’t explain just what, but something was pulling me forward. A certain desire or force, if you will, that I could not resist.Not sure how far into the barrow I have traveled and how much further I have to go. Not even sure how long I have been down here, but it has been many hours, that is for sure. I feel it is late and that is why I have decided to camp for the night. Picked a spot next to a stream of fresh water and a closed gate.

Had to fight a single draugr for it, but that one went down even quicker than the others. I may not be on the best of terms with my father, and maybe even resent him a little, but I am finding myself rather thankful that he raised us the way he did. I might not have survived this long if he hadn’t.
Not sure how much rest I can get. I cannot forget where I am and will have to sleep with one eye open. The battles behind me have been many and some of them fierce, and I need to regather my strength before moving on. Something tells me the hardest part of this quests is still to come.

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AflockOfHippies 1 month ago#9
23 Last Seed,

Growing up in Skyrim, you get accustomed to seeing and experiencing many a strange things. Talos knows I have seen my fair share, but today I think, may have been the strangest.I only got a few hours rest before continuing my journey into the bowels of Bleak Falls Barrow. Oh, it was filled with more traps and draugr, to be sure, but it was what I found at the end that really took me off guard.The journal I took off that bandit was right about one thing, the claw did hold the key to reaching the treasure. There was a wall I came to that had certain engravings on it that had to be put in the proper alignment. Those same symbols were on the claw and already in the order they needed to be arranged.

Beyond that was this large cavern that was rather breathtaking, if I say so myself, though in a creepy sort of way. Fortunately, there didn’t seem to be anything calling the place home other than some bats. It did smell a bit better than the rest of the tomb. Not much, mind you, but a bit. I could tell fresh air was leaking in from somewhere.

Anyway, at the back-center of this cavern there was a raised platform of stone with a large wall that had some sort of weird writing on it. I’m no linguist, but I have seen the writings of a few peoples. Both present and past. Can’t say I’ve ever seen anything like it before though. The wall is no doubt something worthy of future study for those with the proper skills to do so.

Only the writings on this wall were not the strangest thing about it. It seemed that as I drew closer some of the words started glowing and a bright, swirling light came rushing out and surrounded me. I think it may have even found its way inside me, but I can’t be sure.I feel okay now, but when it was happening, I was filled with this peculiar sensation of…well, I’m not quite sure how to describe it, but the closest I could come was it felt like some kind of power that filled my bones and pumped through my very veins. It was quite the feeling. Not bad in anyway, maybe even good if you want to know the truth, but definitely strange. Never felt anything like it. Was this the treasure the claw was supposed to open?

Though I didn’t have much time to figure things out before a nearby sarcophagus popped open and this rather large draugr with a nasty attitude came floundering out. The things looked larger than any of the others I encountered along the way, and I definitely wanted no part of the ax it was carrying.He may have been imposing and frightening, but he moved kind of slow so I was able to run around the room and pelt him with arrows as he tried to catch up to me. I did run out of arrows doing this, but by this time I had injured it enough that it wasn’t too much effort to finish it off with my ax.
I scoured the cavern after that for any treasures I could find. There were a few things that might fetch some gold, so I took what I could carry. There was this tablet of sorts that the draugr seemed to be guarding. Made of stone and it had some of the same writing on it that’s on the wall.

Doesn’t look to be worth anything, but I took it anyway. I can’t explain it, but it just didn’t feel right leaving it behind. Will probably just drop it at home until I can find someone to look at it that might be able to read what it says. It was dark by the time I came out the other end of the barrow. I have to admit, I was a bit turned around at first, but Riverwood should be about a day’s walk east of here. Maybe two at best. All I have to do is follow the river and it should take me home. I set up camp down by the lake for the night. Sure feels good to be breathing some fresh air again, and can’t say how much I have missed the sky.

Made a fire, drank a couple of ales, and ate a hardy meal of chicken, bread and apples until I was full. Maybe it was the smell, but I just couldn’t find that much of an appetite while I was in the barrow. Speaking of Bleak Falls, now that I no longer appear to be in constant, mortal peril, my mind has turned to finding a song somewhere in my exploit. That was, after all, my main reason for going in the first place. To find some inspiration for my music.

I do have a few lyrics running around in my head but even so they are raw and more of a collection of random thoughts and words. Even if I get the words all worked out into a good song, I still need to find the right chords to put them to. It is late and I am a bit tired. I need to get some decent rest and will give it all more thought on the way home tomorrow.

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AflockOfHippies 1 month ago#10
24 Last Seed,

The walk back to Riverwood has been a good one thus far. And by good I mean I haven’t had to defend my life but only a single time. Even when it’s filled with turmoil and danger, Skyrim is still a beautiful land and I am glad to finally get to see more of her. I have seen very few folks on the trek home but I did run across a hunter and his camp right near where the lake turns into a river. We did some fishing together and talked for a bit about all the goings-on. He was telling me about his own recent history when we were interrupted by some crazed Dark Elf with a mace.

From the nonsense he was spewing, I gathered him to be some sort of cultist. A real fanatic, that one. Found a book on him afterwards about Boethiah so that answered that question, I guess. Was able to take him down, but my new friend did not survive his wounds from the battle. I have made camp again for the night. Should reach Riverwood early tomorrow, depending on what time I get my start. I have to admit, though, it felt good to get out of that armor for a while. Seems like I have been wearing it for years now though it’s only been a few days.

After I get home maybe I should see about honing it up and make it a better fit as well. It has held up well enough, I suppose, considering all it has been through of late, but could use some improving. Especially if I am to see more adventures like the one just behind me. Perhaps I should see about maybe even getting an enchantment or two put on it to help fortify the whole set. I will ask around town and see if anyone knows how to so such a thing. There is an enchantment workshop in my new home, but can’t say I am skilled at using it.

My father hated anything to do with magic, and that included using soul gems. While I don’t have a problem with magic like my father, can’t say I am too fond of those gems myself. Something dark about them. Still, an improved set of armor wouldn’t hurt. Especially me. Even if I find someone to enchant my armor and weapons, there is still going to be the matter of the proper gold to pay them. Problems for another day, I reckon.

25 Last Seed

Made Riverwood just before noon. My first stop was at the trader to return the claw to Lucan. Needless to say, he was surprised to see the thing. I don’t think he really expected me to even go, much less bring it back to him. He paid me a fair sum of gold for my troubles and threw in a few extra supplies. It felt good to help him out like I did.

After that I made a stop over at the Sleeping Giant to restock my food and drink and just warm myself next to the hearth for a while with a good mead. Sven was there, like always, doing his best to entertain. I did overhear Delphine getting on to him about something or another. I couldn’t hear across the room that well, but it sounded like she was none too happy with some of his song selections. I don’t think she cared for some of them and how they might be received by the town patrons. Most of whom are Nord.

Orgnar asked if I would be performing later, but told him most likely not. I was tired from my adventure to Bleak Falls and just wanted to go home, get a good bath, and then a good nights’ rest in my own bed. I finished another mead or two, chatted with town drunk a bit, and then headed home.Will be turning in a little early tonight, I think. After my bath, I sat by the fire for a while and worked on my song about Bleak Falls, now that I have a quill and some paper to write on. It needs a little work, I will confess, but most of the lyrics I have set out to my liking. Now I just need to right music to go along with them. Will work on that part tomorrow.

May try my hand at mixing up a potion or two as well. I did gather quite a few ingredients on my trip to Bleak Falls and back. Maybe I will give that big book on alchemy a deeper look and see what kind of potions I can make with what I have. Will probably forgo the mill for a couple days as well and just relax. I will just enjoy life and work on my song and such. Nothing too taxing, for sure. Between what Lucan gave me and what I picked up along the way and all, I came out with a hefty sum of gold in my pocket. More than I have ever had before, that is the truth.

Thinking of writing home soon and letting my mother know things are going well for me. Maybe even send some of the gold I made. Not sure if my father would even accept though. The man is pretty set in his ways. Will give the matter more thought tomorrow when I hopefully have a sharper mind.

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