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User Info: hoggys2much

2 months ago#1
Can anyone help please.

Eight days ago I decided to restart this game on my other account and I have my character in FULL Ebony (Legendary) armour just like my character on my first run through but I noticed that on my second character my Ebony armour is over 200 points DOWN from my first character.

On my first character her Ebony Armour (Legendary) is 1152

On my second character her Ebony Armour (Legendary) is 923

I have all Heavy Armour perks for both characters

Could my character level have something to do with it? My first character is level 100, my second character is level 54.

Or could it be that my first character is wearing a full set of enchanted Ebony Armour?

Thank you for any help.
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User Info: ValiantKnight

2 months ago#2
Differences in smithing skill when improving the Ebony Armor?
(including fortify smithing enchantments or potions)
Differences in Heavy armor skill?
(including enchantments to fortify heavy armor)
standing stones or effects that increase armor rating?
(mage alteration spells, dragon aspect shout, Lord Stone, others?)

That's just off the top of my head. However both of those armor ratings are above the 567 cap when not wearing a shield, so both have the capped 80% damage reduction.
I'm guessing the first character might have maxed smithing, enchanter, or alchemy.... and the second one does not?

The cap is pretty low given what you can achieve with alchemy/smithing/enchanting/heavy armor. I would imagine 2000 or 2500 is possible, or more. (ok... quick investing fully into heavy armor perks, smithing full ebony set, brewing a potion of fortify heavy armor, and wearing four pieces of heavy armor fortifying enchants...... and 6726 armor. Destroyed that 2500 estimate. 475 heavy armor skill after enchants/potions). That was a full loop necromage vampire though, so pretty much breaking the game to the max without fortify restoration making it completely insane.

And with the 6726 armor, I take the same damage that I take at 576 or so. With Dragon Aspect, Lord Stone, Ebonyflesh, and maybe a little more perfect refinement on black book swapping for alchemy/smithing/enchanting and I think 7000 is possible. Also could use a higher base set than Ebony like Daedric.


2 months ago#3
Ya, armor caps at 567. But if you want to go higher just because...

There different ranks of legendary. Go to your second character, make her some crazy Fortify smithing gear, get her high on blacksmithing potions, go to a workbench and upgrade your gear. You should see the armor rating go up.

User Info: Lockeadon

1 month ago#4
Yeah if you want more physical reduction invest in block or else roll an Orc. Or both
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