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User Info: Vysion_of_books

1 month ago#1
I leveled Enchanting to 100 and took the double enchantment perk. Now I have a matching set of rings and necklaces for different occasions. My battle jewelry gives a 40% boost to Archery and Two-handed so it helps regardless of whichever fighting style I'm using. My thieving jewelry set gives big bonuses to Lockpicking and Pickpocketing. I have rings for magic and elemental defense that goes with a necklace of 50-60% resist [one set for fire and one for frost]. I have a set for boosting my crafting skills (Alchemy and Smithing). I have a ring for increasing carrying capacity and upping selling prices. I keep another ring with waterbreathing. I renamed each I crafted so they fall alphabetically in the same part of the equipment list for easy reference.

Anybody pick other enchantments for their own enchanted jewelry?
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User Info: Olld-Onne

1 month ago#2
I have a heavy armor necklace enchant, it adds like 15 points of armor to the 200 I already have. I'm so chuffed I might even frame it and put it on a wall in Windstad Manor!........................
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User Info: bigwiggs3214

1 month ago#3
I carry various pieces for various situations as well. Most of the time I forget to switch to better price jewelry though and lose out on A LOT of money. My current play-through I do not have dual enchantment ability yet.
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User Info: Veezara

1 month ago#4
The Amulet of Sinmir. With double enchanting I give it fortify 2-Handed and Resist Magic.
Maybe a bit more powerful tan the Amulets of the other Divines, but then he is the most powerful of the Divines.

User Info: CommonGrackle

1 month ago#5
yeah level 100 enchantment is where the game really gets out of control for me. I kill dragons with a couple hits and that sort of thing because of the jewelry and clothes I make...
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User Info: tony8669

1 month ago#6
After being able to do two enchantments, if you plot out your gear enchantments, you won't have to swap out your gear.

Since you really don't need many of the enchantments, you can choose what you do need and just drop it on the gear piece which can hold it.

At the Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages wiki, look up Enchanting Effects, it has a chart of what enchantment can go where.

I figured there's only a few enchantments which matter: Health, Magika, and Stamina, obviously. Depending on if you're doing the Restoration Loop, you can ignore regeneration or magic reduction, since neither matter if you have a million MP.

Then there's Muffle, Sneak, and Pickpocket, and Muffle can only be cast on boots.

Finally there's Resist Magic, which can be two separate enchantments: the regular one, and the one from the Shield of Solitude (unless you're using the Unofficial Patch).

Then, if you care for it, Unarmed, and Waterbreathing, the latter being both situational and somewhat unnecessary. I like Unarmed, because being One Punch Man can be fun.

Any other enchantments... meh. Between high level Blacksmithing and weapon enchantments, you can one hit kill almost anything, so you don't need +damage boosts, resist magic makes disease resist close to unnecessary, ditto for elemental resist (and having a million HP also makes elemental resist unnecessary).

I'm not a big fan of wearing a helmet, so I prefer Diadem of the Savant, which counts as both light and heavy armor (as far as skills are concerned), and also reduces spell costs a lot (down to nothing if you drink a Restoration Potion before equipping it).

I do like having rings to boost alchemy and smithing. I was never able to get one ring to have a good percentage on both, however, since it seems their optimal percentages are too different. This playthrough I'm not doing Resto Loop or other exploits, so I'll have to see how good I can get it.

It's actually a shame there aren't enchantments which boost spell damage. It's so weak at high level.
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User Info: sconekiller

1 month ago#7
There’s a pair of Dunmer shoes you get while questing in Solstheim from one of the ladies in Severin Manor that can be enchanted for smithing, so you can have five smithing pieces

Diadem of the Savants with a resto option sounds fun

User Info: redtide1962

1 month ago#8
Well, this is what I use without any bugs/glitches/exploits.
That is, defining those things as anything fixed or adjusted by the lovely unofficial patch.
If it doesn't work on the patch, then I won't use it here.
So with the maximum enchanting power (using every legitimate tool that exists), this is a nice set:

Head: Illusion + Magicka
Chest: Illusion + Illusion & magicka regen
Hands: One Handed + Lockpicking
Feet: One Handed + Stamina
Finger: One Handed + Health regen
Neck: One Handed + Health regen
Dagger: Fear + Absorb Health
Sword: Fear + Paralysis

utility uniques:
Miraak's Robes
Aetherial Crown (Atronach)
Ring of the Beast

This build is for full melee, dual-wielding for near-maximum dps and highly optimized safety/utility.
All points in health, invested heavily in One Handed (damage), Illusion (utility), and Alteration (defense)
Max armor rating with 307+ armor on just gloves + boots
Permanent 45% magic resist and on-demand 95% spell absorb
Fear enchantment carefully set to be slightly stronger than the paralysis magnitude, so illusion cost reduction applies to both weapons
Double health regen enchantments give a massive %health regen bonus, which with max armor is enough to tank most GROUPS of enemies on Legendary difficulty.

For example, you will survive a Giant whaling on your character standing still basically forever. It will take two giants to kill you, and you will have to be standing still and let at least one of them clobber you consistently in order to actually die. And you reach max armor with just gloves and boots, letting you wear whatever custom-enchant, lightweight robes/hat/circlet/clothes/ring/neck you want. Since the carry weight is low on these items, the only reason not to carry them is time swapping to them and unnecessary inventory clutter. However, it can be a lot of fun.

The head+chest give full access to illusion spells, with enough cost reduction to comfortably dual-cast pacify over and over and all of the master illusion spells.
The backup chest/head uniques grant a total of 95% spell absorb, making you impossible to kill with magic. This is my preferred setup once I have them (carrying the illusion helm+armor in the bag).
The other four apparel items are for maximum damage and defense (near-max physical damage and near-max autoregen defense in combat)
Note that the armor cap is reached with just gloves and boots, each having 308+ armor rating. This is possible with almost all heavy armor gloves+boots, but only Stalhrim or better for light armor.
The second gloves/boots enchantments are sort of lackluster, but I genuinely think that Lockpicking is a reasonable enchantment with a high degree of utility. Even after playing thousands of hours of this game I spend time picking locks, and picking them faster is going to save me time in the long run. It not only saves a few seconds per lockpick, but it also saves my sanity when I don't feel like waiting for the lockpick break animation, or trying to pick a master lock while still at a low level.
Weapon effects present are Fear, Absorb Health, and Paralyze, which each provide safeguards to make the build as absolutely foolproof as possible, and all of the effects are affected by the illusion cost reduction.

Note that elemental fury with unenchanted weapons is arguably faster/better than having them enchanted with damage stats (which requires maintenance with soul gems to sustain or multiple destruction enchantment slots to sustain), so the time saved has to be measured with the annoyance and time lost having to maintain those enchantments. The elemental fury shout does not cost much and can be hotkeyed or used as a default shout very easily.

Still, I think it's an interesting thought experiment to give this type of build to someone else to test the limits of how foolproof it is, and I think that these enchantments are the most foolproof (although the setup required to get to this point is rather involved, admittedly).

The easiest way to die with this build is going to be jumping off a cliff, because a single giant does not have enough dps to defeat this character while standing still, and literally no enemy can defeat it while being attacked.

EDIT: Ring of the Beast helps you win brawls for free if you haven't invested in heavy armor (I like the look of the Stalhrim light armor set)
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User Info: Olld-Onne

4 weeks ago#9
Lockpicking not worth it in my opinion. Only the armor ones are worse for the arms.
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User Info: redtide1962

4 weeks ago#10
Well one idea I liked was having a helmet with Illusion + Conjuration (-35% each), and moving the flag Magicka (+88, iirc) down to the gloves in place of Lockpicking. Would that please you?

Even with zero magicka investment and just that single conjuration enchanting slot, at 100 Conjuration with relevant perks you have enough magicka to comfortably cast dremora lord three times whenever you want (magicka cost should be 62 or 69 with this setup), which is enough to cast one, cast another, then recast one of them for better positioning. This helps clear easy dungeons/interiors with multiple rooms filled with weak, pesky enemies, because they can hunt them down and kill them while you focus on navigating and/or looting, which is more efficient than killing a bunch of weak enemies by yourself before getting started with the important stuff.

This adjustment takes a few more perk points but turns the "not worth it" lockpicking slot into something more functional, as it can enable fully-fledged conjuration magic without needing -100% cost reduction. Furthermore, if you haven't figured out how to really min-max the crafting system, this type of investment is absolutely sufficient to handle Legendary difficulty before you get to that point, so the points wouldn't be wasted in the early game.
(edited 4 weeks ago)
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