Favorite outfit??

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User Info: DeleriumJ

5 months ago#11
Speaking of seamless, it really bugs me that the crossbow bolts don't actually ATTACH to my character's back... They're just sort of awkwardly floating there, ready to be cleaved in half by any greatsword he has on his back. And this is with heavy Dawnguard armor! You'd think they'd at least take care to make that combo look right.
I saw another vote for ancient falmer in there... I really do love the white, it offers some new possibilities with weapon pairings. Yknow, now that I think of it, what about ancient falmer with stahlrim weapons (especially love that arrow quiver) on Arvak?? The white and light blue might offset his black with blue flames beautifully.
...I'm actually going to make this happen when I get off work. ;)
Is it possible to embed pictures in these posts?
Old man gimp... I give up, but I want to know. I'm guessing it's a Khajiit?

User Info: DeleriumJ

5 months ago#12
Oh yeah, and forsworn seems to be very popular for females... I bet I won't be able to talk Serana into wearing the old gods set though. Maybe Aela?


5 months ago#13
royal vampire armor
daedric gauntlets and boots
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User Info: sconekiller

5 months ago#14
like to go light on my feet, so I usually end up in elven or scale, though I think the regular vampire armor looks good on male characters; then i'll use whatever enchanted hand/footwear I run across with the diadem of the savants or an archery circlet

very rarely go with the London Bobby look and sport the light Dawnguard stuff, and I won't say no if I find a set of dragonscale armor laying around

User Info: Whimsical_Gamer

5 months ago#15
DeleriumJ posted...

...I'm actually going to make this happen when I get off work. ;)
Is it possible to embed pictures in these posts?
Old man gimp... I give up, but I want to know. I'm guessing it's a Khajiit?

Try postimages.org take your screenshot or whatever you're going doand upload it there. Scroll down to post to forum image link and try that.
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User Info: josifrees

5 months ago#16
Oh yeah I really like the skaal armor too looks so cool
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User Info: mandalore2385

5 months ago#17
Pics can be embedded if they are linked from imgur. There is actually a topic on the X1 board of character screenshots using imgur.

User Info: DeleriumJ

5 months ago#18
OK we should do that :)

User Info: redtide1962

5 months ago#19
I forgot about arrows.
I think Orcish Arrows look the best on most types of light armor, so that's what I choose to use (if possible) rather than the so-called matching type. Which usually doesn't look good with the matching armor type for some reason.

User Info: ksmpiggy

5 months ago#20
This what I wear on My Dragonborn Konahrik mask and dragonbone set with auriels shield and bow and dragonbone sword looks pretty awesome

For my assaisn full nightingale

My favorite looking armor is daedric though

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