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User Info: DeleriumJ

11 months ago#1
The last one I saw of these is about 4 years old, so I was just wondering. Like I've said in other posts, I've gotten good enough with the old resto loop that I can enchant without going complete god mode. Therefore, inherent bonuses on unique pieces, like the old gods set, nightingale, etc., are basically irrelevant. Unless you happen to think they're the best looking. ;)
My current favorite is on my main two handed conjurer Nord, who wears heavy Dawnguard armor, morokei, ebony gauntlets, and my favorite: falmer boots. This mofo is running through catacombs barefoot!
So what's your favorite ensemble so far? I wish we could do some screenshots...

User Info: Whimsical_Gamer

11 months ago#2
Cicero's outfit. I don't wear masks or helmets, but I do have Vittoria's wedding flower head piece on my character.


On New Year's Eve I dressed her in Emperor Robes and on the way to a nice nature part of the land I ran into two dragons, so I instead took photo of her with dragon skeleton behind her to wish Happy New Year on FB. Because spending 200+ hours I felt a photo of my skyrim character is better than any ol' family photo I post whenever throughout the year lol
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User Info: Katsuro

11 months ago#3
I remember a similar one, though archived now i am sure.

In any case, my fave to date is Stormcloak Officers helm, bracers and boots with a Nordic Carved Armor chest piece. Looks very nice together, the bear helm melds nicely with the fur on the armor and levels both light and heavy armor
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User Info: DeleriumJ

10 months ago#4
Yeah, all the Nordic stuff is badass looking... I especially like the sword and the battleaxe

User Info: josifrees

10 months ago#5
I like the blades armor and shield a lot. Use red guard headpiece

Dwemner set with spellbreaker is also one of my favorites

Don’t really like the light armors very much.

Redguard set with a different set of boots too. Also ragged robes
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User Info: DeleriumJ

10 months ago#6
I like Cicero's outfit with the executioners hood and a pair of blacksmith's gloves... Very creepy.
Also, I forgot to give honorable mention to the snow elf armor... Whatever it's called, ancient falmer I think. It's just cool looking.
I like some of the chitin and bonemold pieces, but I have trouble thinking of stuff to go with it because I think the helmets are kinda dumb looking

User Info: Whimsical_Gamer

10 months ago#7
I have the Zahkriisos mask but can't come to wear it. I did try it on with the emperor's robes and vampire robes, looks good.
You might not know the difference between Patton and mutton primarily because today's history textbooks don't tell you about Ol' Blood 'n Guts Patton

User Info: DeleriumJ

10 months ago#8
Whimsical, I went thru the same thing with Zahk. The carved Nordic stuff looked OK, and yeah, royal vampire would be a pretty killer combo. Maybe Daedric accessories would add to the demonic god look. I just keep coming back to morokei bc he looks badass and it's so universally useful!
Side question, what outfit would go best with Arvak, the Soul Cairn horse?? I'm thinking something dark, of course, and something to go with the blue flame accents. I might use executioners hood for this. Yeah, I have an unnatural love for that hood. ;) Probably ebony with Daedric gauntlets and boots. That seems too easy though. What else?

User Info: old_man_gimp

10 months ago#9

Heavy - Ancient Nord/Ebony
Light - Royal Vampire/Shrouded
(Honoralbe Mention - Forsworn)
Clothes - Denim (Ysolda)/Barmaid (Saadia)

Heavy - Nordic Carved/Steel (sleeveless)
Light - Fur (topless w/cape)/TG (sleeveless)
Clothes - Green (Fanedal)/Fine (blue jacket)

I do mix in different helmets, bracers/gauntlets, and boots most of the time. However, I'm old and I don't feel like typing it all out.

...and get off of my yard!

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User Info: redtide1962

10 months ago#10
My favorite full set is probably Stalhrim light armor.
Ancient Falmer armor is the runner-up.
Scaled, Fur (minus the hat), Forsworn, Vampire, and Worn Shrouded armors are awesome, but they don't seem to fit into every scenario perfectly like the Stalhrim armor does.

You're in the cold weather of Skyrim, and the ice armor is such a high-quality combination of over-the-top elegance (with the sparkling crystal plating), weathered survivability (with practical fur and cloth), and these cute, pointed barbarian dragon horns (on the light armor variant). It looks seamless on each race and gender, in my opinion.

I love everything about the set, but especially the horns.
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