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User Info: ObZen46

6 months ago#1
I’m at the part where I need to give Malborn weapons/equip to smuggle into the embassy party.
When I talk to him he tells me to give him whatever but when I say I’m ready, it won’t let me pick anything to give him & then he says ok & he leaves with nothing. Is this a bug in the Switch version? Help!
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User Info: Kalmaro

6 months ago#2
Still having trouble? I just finished this quest. I didn't give him anything myself xD
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User Info: Veezara

6 months ago#3
Its a strange quest, why you need to go through that crap with giving him stuff I don't know. Its also possible(as long as this bug doesn't occur) to give him everything and get it back when you are inside. Although you might want to leave room to pick up some weak but valuable armour.
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User Info: Olld-Onne

6 months ago#4
Best to leave all your stuff at home and use bound weapons or just loot the first victim of your conjurations. It is what I did anyway.
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